3 Must-See Whiskey Distilleries Off the Beaten Path

We all know the large whiskey distilleries that can be toured, but did you know there are more and more craft distilleries opening every year. In fact, there are over 2000 distilleries in the United States, covering all fifty states. These small-batch distilleries offer a unique look inside the distilling process as well as the opportunity to try new craft whiskeys. If you are looking to visit some whiskey distilleries that are off the beaten path, look no further than these three distillery tours.

Westland Distillery


Westland Distillery 3 Must-See Whiskey Distilleries Off the Beaten Path
Photo Courtesy of Westland Distillery


Whiskey circles often laud this distillery as the best whiskey producer in the country. Westland was founded in 2010 and aged their whiskeys in unique local oak barrels. They specialized in single malt bourbons. The company was so successful it was acquired by the French company Rémy Cointreau in 2016. You can visit Westland Distillery’s Cantilever Room and enjoy their current releases along with small bites seven days a week.


The Cantilever Room is a space for exploration, learning and enjoyment. Imbibe the latest Westland releases, seasonal cocktails and fine fare in the comfort of rustic trappings that pay homage to the history of our building and its current commission as a single malt whiskey distillery.


You can find distillery tours of the facilities Wednesday through Saturday by reservation only. Be sure to add this one to your bucket list of whiskey distilleries.



Balcones Distillery Tours
Photo Courtesy of Balcones


Balcones began creating fine whiskeys in Waco, Texas in 2008. Critics rave of its True Blue, distilled from heirloom blue corn, and Brimstone, smoked from sun-baked scrub oak. Visitors enjoy whiskey flights Tuesday through Saturday — including limited releases as they are available. You can also book distillery tours those same days to learn more about the production process.


Join us for a tour of our distillery as we walk you through our distillation process that creates world-class whiskies in the heart of downtown Waco. Starting at our grain silos and finishing with a sampling of our whiskies, you’ll learn what makes Balcones unique.


Waco is also experiencing a surge in tourism due to locals Chip and Joanna Gaines, making this an ideal getaway destination.

Virginia Distillery Co.


Virginia Distillery Co. Whiskey Distilleries
Photo Courtesy of Virginia Distillery Co.


Many whiskey distilleries initially turn to gin or vodka distilling to support themselves as they age older spirits. In contrast, the Virginia Distillery Co. decided to take a different route. When the company began in 2011, they imported single malt Scottish whiskey from the Highlands to mix with a stateside single malt. This, along with the creative choice of barrels for aging, helped the company to make a mark on the world of microdistilleries. The distillery is currently aging the first casks of its own whiskey with an anticipated release date of 2020.


Our American Single Malt whisky, Courage & Conviction, is made using only the finest ingredients, starting with American two-row barley. Once the barley arrives, the grains take on a new character as it transforms into spirit. Such outstanding single malt whisky requires only the best and most authentic equipment that has been used for centuries. Our distilling equipment, including copper pot stills made by hand, was brought over from Scotland as well as our whisky-making expertise. While we wait for our American Single Malt to age, enjoy our Virginia-Highland Whisky series featuring Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky.


They are open to the public for distillery tours seven days a week. They also offer whiskey flights and a tasting menu.

These three whiskey distilleries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great American whiskey. Each offers its own take on the centuries-old distilling process. For whiskey enthusiasts, they are very much worth a visit. If you are looking for even more whiskey inspiration, explore our European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe.

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3 Must-See Whiskey Distilleries Off the Beaten Path