Into the Blue: Luxurious Cruises from Silversea to Oceania

Selecting a cruise line is a difficult task.  Each year more lines are adding luxury ships to their fleets, giving you more and more options from which to choose.  We have put together a list of trusted resources to help you navigate the waters when picking a luxury cruise.  Find an amazing selection of luxurious cruises from Silversea to Oceania below.

The Travel Channel

First, the Travel Channel’s list of their top 5 all-inclusive luxury cruise lines include the major players: Crystal, Seabourn, Silversea, SeaDream and Regent.  They cite these major lines’ exotic destinations, exclusive perks, and luxurious accommodations as rationale for their inclusion on their top five list.

US News and Travel

US News and Travel’s top five list echoes The Travel Channel’s praise for Silversea, Regent, and Crystal, but they add Azamara and Oceania to their list.  If you follow the links within the article, they provide in-depth pros and cons for each of their five choices.  You are sure to find a luxurious cruise that you will love from one of their picks.

Cruise Critic

For a more comprehensive list, including both large and smaller cruise ships, Cruise Critic has shared their top 10 luxury cruise ships.  Cruise Critic also give detailed information on their top choices.  They outline staff to passenger ratios, typical passenger demographics, and ship features.  If those features are important to you, don’t miss this top 10 list.


Finally, Fodor’s is a trusted source for travel information, and their list of luxury cruise lines is a fabulous resource.  Each pick links to a full Fodor’s guide for each cruise line, and the ability to book a cruise right from their site.  Your choice of luxurious cruises is only a few clicks away!

Whichever luxury cruise you choose, you are sure to see the world in style and comfort!  Have you experienced any of the luxurious cruises mentioned in these articles?




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Into the Blue: Luxurious Cruises from Silversea to Oceania