European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe

For whiskey fans, there is nothing more enthralling than touring the distillery where your favorite spirits are made. These tours not only show you the complete production process but end with tastings as well! We are having a hard time picking our favorite European whiskey tour so we have four you won’t want to miss!

Glenfiddich Distillery


Glenfiddich Distillery European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe
Photo Courtesy of Glenfiddich


Located in Dufftown, Scotland the Glenfiddich Distillery offers a number of tours from which to choose. The Explorers tour is 90 minutes long and explores the history of Glenfiddich. You’ll see the visitors center, the Mash House, Still House, warehouses and dramming center. Afterward, taste three different types of whiskey. The Glenfiddich Solera: Deconstructed tour is 2 hours 30 minutes long and takes you through the entire first tour, along with the Malt Master’s Suite, and offers superior types of whisky to taste.


You’ll also have the unique chance to step into our Malt Master Brian Kinsman’s role, preparing your very own version of Glenfiddich 15 year old by combining different cask samples together. Each guest will be able to bottle a small sample of their own creation to keep.


The Pioneers tour takes a half of a day and takes you deep inside the Glenfiddich process. It includes a keepsake book, masterclass, and your own exclusive whiskey to take home with you. Whichever European whiskey tour you pick here, you can’t go wrong!

The Old Jameson Distillery


The Old Jameson Distillery European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe
Photo Courtesy of Jameson


The Old Jameson Distillery is the original production facility for this famous Irish Whiskey, located in the heart of Dublin. Current production takes place in Midleton, near Cork, where they also offer tours.


Follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers of Jameson on the only tour of the original Jameson distillery in Dublin. We’ve been a constant presence in the heart of our beautiful city since 1780, and as you can imagine, we’ve seen quite a few things in our time. Our Ambassador will guide you for a serving of heritage and history on the definitive Jameson tour experience – stories, craic, a comparative whiskey tasting and of course, a complimentary Jameson in the exact spot where it all began.


You can also take whiskey blending classes and whiskey cocktail making classes at the Dublin distillery.

Bladnoch Distillery


Bladnoch Distillery European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe
Photo Courtesy of Bladnoch


For the true European whiskey enthusiast, the Bladnoch Distillery in the south of Scotland offers an immersive three-day Whisky School.


The purpose of the whisky school is to give enthusiasts an opportunity to involve themselves practically in all aspects of the whisky making process. Bladnoch is a traditional old farm distillery. It has not been upgraded to take account of the computerised distilling methods practised in most large distilleries. The various processes are explained in depth and participants are given the opportunity to take an active part in each days production.


Following the full production process for Bladnoch’s “Queen of the Lowlands” whisky is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mackmyra Distillery


Mackmyra Distillery European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe
Photo Courtesy of Mackmyra


The Mackmyra Distillery is located just outside the Swedish town of Gävle. This distillery was the first-ever whiskey producer in Sweden. It produces uniquely local single malts made from all Swedish ingredients, including a juniper-smoked malt.


Enjoy a delicious meal, try our whisky and see how we manufacture Swedish whiskyWe’ll take you to the top of the distillery and guide you through the whole processfrom top to bottom.


While the whiskey isn’t available for purchase in the US, it is a stop worth taking for whiskey lovers traveling in Sweden. The distillery also offers a European whiskey tour of its various satellite warehouses located throughout Sweden and Germany.

No matter what your favorite whiskey is, a European whiskey tour is sure to make your next trip abroad even better. For fun to be had stateside, explore Craft Beer Destinations in the United States.

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European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe