The World’s Best Mountain Villages in Italy

The appeal of the mountain village is obvious. It’s generally a remote location without crowds in a beautiful setting with lovely accommodations. There is great local food and people and they’re really ideal locations for a wonderful getaway. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world’s best mountain villages in, of course, Italy. So have a look at our favorites below.

Castelmezzano, Basilicata


The World's Best Mountain Villages in Italy


In the province of Potenza in southern Italy, Castelmezzano sits on the side of sandstone rock mountains. Its location may make it a bit of challenge to easily make your way to the village.  If you’re an adventure seeker, however, it’ll be easy for you. All you have to do is whisk right into town via zipwire. Reaching a speed of up to 70 miles per hour, the Volo dell’Angelo is the most fun way to make your entrance. To capitalize on your experience in Castelmezzano, we recommend that you stay in the village in one of several bed and breakfast options such as the La Perla nelle Dolomiti B&B.

Valle di Primiero


The World's Best Mountain Villages in Italy


Located in the eastern Trentino area of northern Italy and just a short distance north of Venice, the Valle di Primiero is more than just a mountain village. This is a valley between the Bedolé mountain and the Pale di San Martino mountains. Anywhere you stop and look, you will see these majestic and beautiful Italian mountains. At the center of it all is one of our favorite places to stay, the La Perla Family Hotel. This popular hotel is an excellent destination for your whole family regardless of the time of year. Skiing in winter, hiking in summer and also sheer enjoyment throughout both.


Our structure has been specially designed to transform a simple family holiday into an unforgettable experience. Every single day is tailor-made for young and old: a rich program of activities both in summer and in winter, excursions, nature walks, hut trips with outdoor barbecues and much more. Upon your return to the hotel, you can enjoy the pleasures of good food and be pampered by gourmet delicacies accompanied by typical Trentino products.


Santa Maddalena, Bolzano


The World's Best Mountain Villages in Italy


In the heart of the Dolomites, in the province of Bolzano, sits Santa Maddalena or St. Magdalena. With the Odle Mountain Group as a backdrop, Santa Maddalena is simply breathtaking. Whether you’re skiing in the winter or biking and hiking in the summer, this is another year-round destination. The best part of a visit to Santa Maddelena is that you’ll find some luxury boutique hotel accommodations like the nearby Hotel Genziana. They work toward their philosophy of helping guests make the most of their limited vacation time in “a welcoming environment with irresistible pleasures for the palate, invigorating wellness treatments and sincere hospitality.”

Monte Lussari, Tarvisio


The World's Best Mountain Villages in Italy


Considered to be a sanctuary, Monte Lussari is located just about the town of Tarvisio and the entire area has a long, rich history. From Tarvisio up to the village of Monte Lussari all the way up (via a 15-minute cable car ride) to the top of the mountain, it is believed to have been the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary. This dates back to the second half of the 14th century. The legend that accompanies the area is that the Madonna appeared where the sanctuary is located. This has led to pilgrimages from believers around the world and also those of Italian, Slavic, and German descent. Legend aside, Monte Lussari is absolutely beautiful. The Hotel Il Cervo makes an ideal home base for your visit to the area with their focus on keeping their guests happy. That happy effort includes breakfast, babysitting, a spa, and two restaurants.

Are you ready to take to the mountains of Italy in one of our favorite mountain villages? If you’re not quite ready or are looking for where to go after your mountain visit, try our picks for the best luxury hotels in Italy.

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The World's Best Mountain Villages in Italy