Is Japan the New St. Barts/St. Tropez?

Both St. Barts and St. Tropez have been the playground of the rich and fabulous for years, but as with most things, people begin to long for a new adventure. That longing has lead people to Japan. From the food to the gardens to the shopping to the luxury accommodations, Japan has become the new luxury destination.  What makes it the ultimate hot spot?  We are sharing a run down of the best that this locale as to offer.

Michelin Star Dining

With more Michelin Star-rated restaurants than any other city in the world, Tokyo is a foodie’s dream. There’s more to the cuisine in Tokyo than sushi, though, the Michelin Star-rated restaurants cover nearly every type of food. Some of those that are most prevalent include French and Italian, but of course, you’ll find some of the most incredible sushi in the world, like the three Michelin Star-rated Sushi Saito.

Japanese Gardens


Is Japan the New St. Barts/St. Tropez?
Photo courtesy of Yokohama Visitors Guide


In cities all over the world, people replicate the intricate, manicured gardens of Japan, but when you’re in Japan, you get to see the originals that have provided inspiration. Japan Guide has named the following as Japan’s best gardens according to the feedback of their editors and users: Kenrokuen, Adachi Museum of Art, Katsura Imperial Villa, Kokedera, Ritsurin Koen, Ryoanji, Korakuen, Daitokuji, Sankeien (pictured), and Byodoin. Visit them all or just a few.  Either way you are sure to enjoy this brush with nature while in the land of the rising sun.

Amazing Shopping


Is Japan the New St. Barts/St. Tropez?
Photo courtesy of The Idealist


While you’ll find the big names in Japan’s best shopping districts, what will make your shopping excursion most rewarding will be the interesting finds you’ll come across. From the epicenter of teen trends that is Shibuya to the fashionable Harajuku & Aoyama, shopping is more of a sport in Tokyo as well as other areas of Japan.  You can also peruse the student- and arty-oriented Shimo-Kitazawa or the center of all things electronic which is Akihabara.  However, there are few areas that are as driven as the shopping scene in Tokyo. You can’t go wrong with a shopping excursion in Japan.

Luxury Hotels


Is Japan the New St. Barts/St. Tropez?
Photo courtesy of Small Luxury Hotels of the World


There are few places in the world that appreciate luxury more than Japan. A country steeped in tradition yet sitting on the edge of the modern world, Japan combines these sensibilities and treats its visitors like royalty. Nowhere is that more apparent than in one of their luxury hotels. Whether you’re staying somewhere well-known like the St. Regis in Osaka or the Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto, or if you’re staying somewhere more off the beaten path like L’Hotel du Lac in Nagahama City or Abba Resorts Izu, you’ll find some of the best luxury hotels in the world. Of those accommodations we’ve mentioned, our favorite is L’Hotel du Lac with their private villas, amazing hospitality, and indulgent spa.

While some of your friends may still be jetting off to St. Barts or St. Tropez, you’ll be the leader of the group with your knowledge that Japan is where you should be spending your vacation time. Tropical islands are a bit passé, but an Asian island that offers everything from history and culture to Michelin Star dining and luxury accommodations is the place to be. Do you need more convincing? Read The Perfect One-Week Luxury Itinerary in Japan. So, tell us, have you been to Japan?  What are your favorite luxury experiences there?

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Is Japan the New St. Barts/St. Tropez?