Spas and Serenity: 3 Eco-Luxury Retreats in Japan

Japan is full of magnificent natural beauty. The Japanese people cherish the beauty of the islands’ mountains, waterfalls, and forests. Visitors to the country can experience this natural beauty, while relaxing and rejuvenating themselves. These luxury retreats in Japan and spas in Japan combine the natural beauty of their surroundings to create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests.

Ryokan The Kayotei 


Luxury Retreats Japan
Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regenct Hakone Resort and Spa


Located in the small village of Yamanaka, thickly forested hills surround this luxury retreat in Japan on all sides. This natural setting encompasses a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) that features traditional Japanese screens, pottery, and “tansu.” The inn features locally grown food as well as art work created by local artisans. Visitors are sure to relax and unwind with the traditional hospitality of ryokan culture.


Kayotei’s ten suite rooms are arranged in the traditional sukiya style of a tea ceremony pavilion. Guests wear no slippers in this ryokan; the walkways are tatami, as one would in the home of a relative or close friend. These are the rare and subtle differences that make time spent in Kayotei such a warm and welcoming experience.

Hyatt Regenct Hakone Resort and Spa


Luxury Spa Japan
Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regenct Hakone Resort and Spa


Luxuriate in traditional Japanese spa treatments in the midst of the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. Spa IZUMI and Onsen Hakone feature natural spa treatments as well as soothing hot springs. The hotel and spa in Japan sit in the Kanagawa Prefecture, which is famous for its natural onsen (hot springs). The Hakone treatments make use of naturopathy, the science of natural medicine, to soothe your mind and body.


Experience traditional Japanese spa treatments that use the science of natural medicine, and soothe your body in our famed hot springs. Let your stress melt away as you relax your mind and soul with one of our natural and unique massage, facial or body treatments.


Hoshinoya Karuizawa


Luxury Retreat Japan
Photo courtesy of Hoshinoya Karuizawa


Hoshinoya Karuizawa is one of the top-rated luxury retreats in Japan. Guests can choose a standard soak in the healing natural hot springs or a meditation bath. This second option allows guests to alternate bathing in baths that are well-lit and those that are in darkness. The on-site spa features treatments in open rooms that allow guests to take in the crisp, forest air.


Harmonizing with the natural environmental it inhabits, the resort winds gently along the contours of the land. Each pavilion is uniquely designed to suit its location. Everything the resort offers, from rejuvenating baths to relaxing spa treatments that span several days, reflect the distinctive traits of this waterside idyll.


Are you planning a trip to Japan in the near future? We highly recommend it. Any one of these luxury retreats in Japan or eco-friendly spas are worth considering for your next vacation. Be sure to try one of these luxurious locations. Need a spa in another part of the world? Try our ideas for spa getaways!

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Spas and Serenity: 3 Eco-Luxury Retreats in Japan