Our Five Favorite Luxury Luggage Brands

When you travel the globe, you want the world’s best travel companion by your side. Luxury luggage brands have mastered the art of pairing form with function, style, and usability. These five high-end luggage brands are at the top of their game and are our favorite picks for packing this year. Keep reading to learn about each brand and also why you should bring their pieces on your next holiday. Use our picks to choose the best luxury luggage for your next excursion.



Tumi luxury luggage brands
Photo courtesy of Tumi


Tumi luggage was founded by Charlie Clifford, a former member of the Peace Corp, in 1975. Born out of his extensive travel experiences, the company focuses on principles of design excellence, functional superiority, and technical innovation. This makes them rank high on our list of luxury luggage brands. Their modern and stylish designs combine with scratch-resistant and lightweight durability to become the ultimate travel companion. You need never worry over lost or stolen luggage with Tumi’s patented Tumi Tracer technology.

Alfred Dunhill


Alfred Dunhill Luggage high end luggage brands
Photo courtesy of Alfred Dunhill Luggage


Men’s luxury fashion brand Alfred Dunhill has focused on quality bags and luggage for over 100 years. Marrying masculine luxury with heritage and character, Alfred Dunhill luggage is a quality choice for the jet setting gentleman. The pieces are timeless, classic, and will simply never go out of style. High-end luggage brands do not get much better than this! When shopping for the best luxury luggage, look no further than Alfred Dunhill.



Victorinox best luxury luggage brands
Photo courtesy of Victorinox


The same company known for the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox manufactures luxury luggage that lives up to the functionality of their classic pocket knife brand. Victorinox luggage features handles that lock in three different positions, dual caster wheels with smooth 360° maneuverability, and state of the art TSA approved locks. The bags come with a complimentary tracking program to easily reunite you with your luggage anywhere in the world.



Rimowa best luxury luggage
Photo courtesy of Rimowa Luggage


Inspired by the material and design of aircraft, Rimowa became the first brand to manufacture aluminum trunks in 1937. The ultra-light luxury luggage is made from the same polycarbonate used in aircraft windows. Each bag features two hundred individual parts working in harmony, from the noise-reducing wheel housing to the eight wheels housed within. The luggage is distinguishable by the signature Rimowa groove finish. The industrial look makes Rimowa stand out among all of the other high-end luggage brands.

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton Luggage
Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton


No post about the best luxury luggage brands would be complete without Louis Vuitton. Since 1854, this Parisian brand has been crafting every conceivable travel accessory for luxury clients worldwide. Louis Vuitton creates unmistakable luggage for every imaginable need. A bespoke service is also available for clients who require custom pieces. You can read more about Louis Vuitton luggage here.

So, which of these high-end luggage brands is your favorite? Will you be adding any of these luxury luggage brands to your next trip? You might even take one of these bags to the best safari in Africa.

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Our Five Favorite Luxury Luggage Brands