The Best Spring Vacations in Europe

It seems that the longest period of the year is from New Years Day until summer vacation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many destinations around the world that are perfect for a spring trip. Europe is an enchanting place to visit in the spring and these are some of our favorites.

Zadar, Croatia


The Best Spring Vacations in Europe


Croatia is on everyone’s radar these days and with good reason. It’s absolutely gorgeous. But as more people venture off to Croatia, the serious travelers are looking for the new hot spot. They’ve already explored both Dubrovnik and Split and now, we’re recommending a visit to Zadar. The old town of Zadar is situated on a peninsula and one of the highlights is the Sea Organ (or Morske Orgulje). This is a series of underwater pipes that create music under a series of stairs that lead into the sea. Zadar is also home to Greeting to the Sun. This installation consists of 300 glass plates in multiple layers and the light show it provides at sunset is stunning.

Our pick for accommodations in Zadar is the Almayer – Art & Heritage Hotel. This boutique hotel notes that it is “nestled in the heart of the historic centre of Zadar”, it is family-owned and shares its name with the inn of the same name in Alessandro Baricco’s novel “Ocean Sea”. They also note that “this romantic jewel, built in 1863, after a comprehensive renovation and adaptation in 2017 is transformed into a sensitively reimagined, distinctive, four-star hotel and a new focal point of the city.”

Hallstatt, Austria


The Best Spring Vacations in Europe


Some would argue that you must visit Hallstatt, Austria in the winter to fully appreciate its beauty, but this lakefront mountain village is simply resplendent in the spring. With its baroque architecture, the village is a wanderer’s dream. The salt mines are some of the deepest and oldest in the world and they contribute to the salt lake which you should also explore.

Regarding where to stay, we would steer to a hotel nearby because we think you’ll enjoy it more. For a family trip, opt for the KinderHotel Post. It’s an all-inclusive, family-friendly resort with rooms for every family configuration including suites. They also host wine tastings and have saunas, indoor and outdoor thermal pools, fitness center, restaurant, and even a disco. Another nearby option is the rustic-chic Alpenhotel Zechmeisterlehen Berchtesgaden, a wellness hotel.


Enjoy the new experiences of activity and relaxation, recreation and peace, sociability and fun! A refined ambiance as well as devoted service, guarantee a wonderful holiday. Let us pamper you and increase your sense of well-being amidst comfort and cosiness and experience countless hours filled with happiness during your holiday.


Seville, Spain


The Best Spring Vacations in Europe


Positioned on the River Guadalquivir, Seville is the capital of Andalucia in Spain and is home to the oldest royal palace in Europe. That palace is still in use today as is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. If you time your visit well, you’ll be able to take in the spring fair or Feria. Even if you don’t, you’ll enjoy a visit to this ethereal city with its charming, historic areas.  Be sure to visit the Torre de los Perdigones with sweeping views of the city, or the Barrio Santa Cruz.

Our recommendation for your stay in Seville is the charming and stylish Hotel Alfonso XIII.


Commissioned by the King of Spain to play host to international dignitaries during the 1929 Exhibition, Hotel Alfonso XIII remains an iconic cultural landmark. Following a significant renovation, completed in 2012, the hotel’s distinguished architecture and Moorish detailing have been enriched, showcasing native Andalusian design and heritage to a new generation of traveler.


So, are you ready to visit Europe for a lovely spring vacation? Which destination appeals to you most? If we haven’t enticed you yet, perhaps you’ll be interested in visiting one of our picks for the best golf courses in Europe.

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The Best Spring Vacations in Europe