Mexican Artist Creates Fine Art from Tragedy

Mexican Artist Creates Fine Art from Tragedy

When tragedy strikes, the world often does not know just how to respond.  How we begin to pick up the pieces and move forward in the face of terrible circumstances?  Mexican artist, Ricardo Cardenas, quite literally picks up those pieces and then transforms them into powerful, hopeful works of fine art.  As a former engineer, Cardenas is familiar working with materials like concrete and steel bars.  As an artist, he uses those same materials as the basis for his vibrant artwork.  His exhibition at the 2017 Red Dot Miami is a tribute to Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol.  The piece is on top of a large section of concrete that is from the rubble of the massive earthquake that took place in Central Mexico last year.  The contrast of the materials’ tragic past and the hopeful painting evokes strong emotions.  To learn more about Ricardo Cardenas, visit Discover.Luxury.

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