A Trip Through Portugal’s Vinho Verde Wine Route

Vinho Verde translates to green wine and it is rumored that the name of the region originates from the lush greenery of the region. The grapes grown in the region are used to produce both white and red wines that pair beautifully with seafood and are best served chilled. Easily explained, but much better experienced. We encourage you to plan a vacation to the far northwest of Portugal to experience the Vinho Verde Wine Route.

Starting Your Journey


A Trip Through Portugal's Vinho Verde Wine Route


After flying into Porto Airport (formally known as International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro), you’ll make your way to Valença do Minho to begin your tour of the Vinho Verde route. While there are railway options, the trip by rail can take up to eight hours. If time is not an issue, the train is an excellent way to see a great deal of the countryside as well as the seaside as you travel north, however, if you’d rather not invest the time on the train trip, you can drive to Valença do Minho in just over an hour and you can incorporate some stops along the way to sample the local cuisine and local wines. Vinho Verde has a number of suggested routes based on themes and they’re worth a look to decide if you’d like to plan your journey using one of them.

Rustic Charm



You’ll want to stay at different places along the route. In doing so, you’ll be able to experience a variety of accommodations. For a rustic option, we suggest the Hotel Rural Reguengo de Melgaço. The hotel has been restored and they paid attention to details and respected the estate’s distinct style and they describe their respect as “characteristics of the past where the granite and noble woods harmoniously combine, the furniture and the decoration with the current amenities, together with the various forms of leisure that the visitor can enjoy.”

Boutique Coziness


A Trip Through Portugal's Vinho Verde Wine Route
Photo courtesy of Carmo’s Boutique Hotel


Located in the oldest town in Portugal, Ponte de Lima, Carmo’s Boutique Hotel is a very chic boutique hotel.


Wonderfully placed to discover the traditions, cultural heritage and architecture of the beautiful Minho region of Portugal. With just 15 glamorous suites, the hotel provides an extensive selection of wine tasting, cultural and gastronomic events for guests to enjoy during their stay. In addition, there is an outdoor pool, a restaurant serving traditional cuisine on the terrace, and a spa offering aromatherapy treatments.


Modern Style


A Trip Through Portugal's Vinho Verde Wine Route
Photo courtesy of Hotel do Minho


Another hotel, another style, and this one with a great deal of amenities. Hotel do Minho has made their hotel a “symbol of an intimate and leisure modern concept. Elegance and simplicity define our project – elements that are visible in the architecture, design, the way we receive our guests and other little extras that will make your stay memorable.” From the rooms to the spa to the attentive staff, Hotel do Minho will make an impression and will be a welcome break on your trip through the Vinho Verde route.

The Wineries


A Trip Through Portugal's Vinho Verde Wine Route


As you’d expect, a region with an entire stream of tours dedicated to its beauty and the beauty of the wine originating from it has a plethora of wineries you’ll want to visit. Every winery along the route is a safe bet for a lovely and delightful experience, however, we have a few recommendations.

If you opt for a stay at Hotel Rural Reguengo, you’ll most definitely want to visit Quinta de Soalheiro. They are the creators of the Alvarinho wine and one of the best wineries in the Vinho Verde region.

While Carmo’s Boutique Hotel is central to many wineries, you’ll want to make your way to Quinta da Pedra which is one of the most historic properties dating back to the 17th century and it also carries the distinction of being the longest continuous vine of the Alvarinho variety in Portugal.

Near the Hotel do Minho, a visit to Quinta de Santa Cristina is in order. They have constructed a new wine cellar to store the wine for sharing with you and you’ll also learn about the different processes they use to create their selections.

Many consider the Vinho Verde Wine Route to be a trip of a lifetime. So, are you ready to jet off to Portugal to experience the Vinho Verde Wine Route? If you’d like to explore more amazing wine areas of Europe, you’ll also want to consider Hungarian wine country.

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A Trip Through Portugal's Vinho Verde Wine Route