The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World

The sight of the blossoms of the cherry trees is the sight of spring. The beauty of the cherry blossom is much-better appreciated in person. To that end, there are cherry blossoms and cherry blossom festivals around the world of which you can take advantage and welcome spring.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World


Amsterdam and the Netherlands may make you think of tulips, but each spring the city celebrates the coming of spring with their Cherry Blossom Festival. The celebration includes picnics with family and friends under the blossoming trees, while the festival tent features an array of Japanese food and drink as a nod to the origin of the tradition of celebrating the cherry blossoms and with respect to the blossom representing a new beginning as well as how fragile life is itself.

Tokyo, Japan


The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World


Considered by most to be the home of the cherry blossom as well as the home of the ultimate cherry blossom festival, Tokyo is a city that is practically covered in cherry blossoms. You can stroll along the shore of the Meguro River while enjoying the blossoms on both sides as well as the cute shops and lovely cafes. Then make your way to Chidorigafuchi Park and rent a rowboat to enjoy the blossoms during the day or book an evening cruise to witness the spectacle of the lit-up trees. You can also take respite in peaceful and quiet Yoyogi Park in the middle of urban Tokyo or pick one of the many other parks and locations around Toyko to revel in the splendor that is a city filled with beautiful cherry blossoms.  Be sure to try one of our picks for luxury hotels in Tokyo for your stay.

Puerto Varas, Chile


The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World


In the southern Chilean province of Llanquihue, in the Los Lagos Region of Chile, Puerto Varas is “La Ciudad de las Rosas” or the city of roses for its German traditions. One little known and not oft-celebrated spectacle is its blooming cherry blossom trees that – while not great in number – add a special sweetness to this popular destination. Sitting on the southern bank of Lake Llanquihue which is quite expansive, the city also offers views of the snow-capped and still active Calbuco and Osorno Volcanos. The German architecture is a treat to visit any time of year, but mostly when the cherry blossoms come out.

Vancouver, BC, Canada



The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a wonder of the west coast of North America.


The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF) is Vancouver’s signature springtime event, waking the city up from winter hibernation to an explosion of some 41,000 blossoming cherry trees. Originally gifted from Japan in the 1930’s, the cherry blossom now inspires a month-long of 20+ public, mostly free, arts and cultural community events.


The Festival incorporates the following events: Haiku Invitational, Vancouver Sings One Song, Sakura Night Gala, Cherry Jam Downtown Concert, Sakura Days Japan Fair, The Big Picnic, and more. Be sure to explore our article on the best Vancouver has to offer for even more to do while you are in town.

Washington, DC


The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World


One of the more obvious on our list and one of the most famous in the world, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, is a five-week celebration of the glorious cherry blossoms. The trees sporting the blossoms date back to 1912 when Japan sent 3,000 trees to Washington, DC (after a failed attempt two years prior when they sent 2,000 and they contracted a disease and died). Experiencing the blooms of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC is nearly a rite of passage for Americans and after 116 years, the cherry blossoms continue to thrive. You will find self-guided tours, river cruises, pub nights, concerts, art shows and installations, a tennis tournament, food crawls, and more. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is sure to please all its visitors.  Be sure to try our picks for the best luxury hotels in Washington, DC while you are in town.

These are just a handful of excellent opportunities to enjoy the cherry blossoms. So, tell us, which will you try this year? Do you have any other destinations to add to our list?

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The Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World