Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice

On the day during which the earth is furthest from the sun, people around the world celebrate the summer solstice. At least in the northern hemisphere, in the bottom hemisphere it’s the winter solstice, of course. But where is the best place to celebrate the solstice? We have some favorites below.

Muhu Island, Estonia


Muhu Island, Estonia Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice
Photo courtesy of Pädaste Manor


Those not in the know when it comes to the world’s geography often confuse Estonia for a fictional land, but it is, in fact, not only real but a wonderful destination. It is actually an ideal destination to celebrate the summer solstice. They hold an annual Starts of the White Nights festival in nearby St. Petersburg at their Mariinsky Theater (just a short flight from the island). Getting there is a treat as well. You’ll fly into Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn which is a destination worthy of exploring before or after your helicopter ride to Muhu Island. Your accommodations will be surprisingly luxe at Pädaste Manor with their multiple dining options (including cooking classes), gorgeous rooms, and also a full-service spa.

New York City


New York City Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice


We’ve all seen the photos, that magical moment when the setting sun is in the perfect position as it is lined up with the street grid of New York’s Manhattan Island. If you have the chance to witness it in person, it paints the city in a way you hadn’t thought possible. Affectionately known as “Manhattanhenge”, the annual occurrence makes a great excuse for a trip to New York. Manhattanhenge occurs both before and after the summer solstice so there’s plenty of opportunity to take advantage of this wondrous happening. For this visit, we recommend the Baccarat Hotel. They describe themselves as “Private Parisian pied-à-terre living in the heart of New York City” and we couldn’t agree more.

Stonehenge, Great Britain


Stonehenge, Great Britain Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice


If you’re intrigued by Manhattanhenge, you’ll love the real thing: Stonehenge. Located in Great Britain near Amesbury, in Wiltshire, this British landmark features parts that are 5,000 years old. For many years, people have been gathering at dawn on the site to welcome the summer solstice. While visiting Stonehenge, we’d recommend a stay at Whatley Manor. Located about an hour from Stonehenge, this charming manor is everything you’d imagine from an inn on the English countryside and so much more. With an expert level of service and filled with amenities including a full-service spa, you’ll want to stay far beyond the summer solstice.

Skagway, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice
Photo courtesy of Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau


You needn’t travel too far to properly celebrate the summer solstice as Skagway, Alaska is ready to welcome visitors from around the world in Alaska’s “Garden City”. They not only have 20 hours of sunlight on the day they also celebrate with a rhubarb festival. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your stay at the Historic Skagway Inn. The Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau tells us that “This Victorian Inn, est. 1897, is located within the downtown Historic District, in the former red light district. Today it is a family-run inn.” The owners of the inn add, “Visit the historic bed and breakfast in Skagway and enjoy a relaxing evening with amazing dining and luxurious accommodations. At the Skagway Inn Bed and Breakfast, host innkeepers Karl and Rosemary Klupar welcome each guest with warm hospitality, a delightful room and fresh food straight from the Alaskan waters and soil.”

As the longest day of the year and the official kick-off to summer for many, the summer solstice is worth celebrating. So, tell us, where will you celebrate? After celebrating the solstice, you may want to consider Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer.

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Getaways Perfect for the Summer Solstice