Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer

You got the superyacht of your dreams the day you purchased your Dragonfly Superyacht and now, it’s time to sail. You can make your yachting experience much better by choosing the best destinations for sailing. These are our five favorite places for you to sail your Dragonfly Superyacht this summer.

Seychelles Islands


Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer Seychelles Islands


If you’ve ever hoped to meet the she who sells seashells down by the seashore, you may encounter her in the Seychelles Islands. That is when you decide to take a break from yachting to explore the islands. With their towering granite rocks, sparkling beaches, and swaying palm trees, these islands are easy to hop. Of course, for sailing, you’ll be moving around the inner islands since the outer islands are comprised mostly of low-lying, coral-filled atolls. A perfect location for sailing and exploring, they are situated in a part of the Indian Ocean that is calm and balmy. Go forth and find she who sells seashells down by the seashore in the Seychelles.



Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer Croatia


Our unabashed love of Croatia knows no bounds. Even though this hidden gem of the Mediterranean has become less of a hidden gem, we want to keep going back and you will also want to. With more than 1,000 islands, Croatia is a true sailor’s paradise. Even though the country has caught on as a destination, there is still a time of the year that you can visit where you can still experience some seclusion. Plan a visit in early spring and maybe stay longer to enjoy some of the summer fun. You can sail and explore the mostly uninhabited and rugged Dalmatian Islands during the day and as the ancient villages begin to see an increase in seasonal visitors, you can canoodle and enjoy the revelry.



Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer Greece


It would be a terrible oversight to talk about the best places to sail and not mention Greece. With more than 3,000 islands and islets, this country could be described as having been created for sailing. You can opt to view the whitewashed houses of Santorini covering the hillside towns that welcome you as you sail in. You also don’t want to miss the food haven that is Crete with its exceptional traditional Greek food. Want to be in the center of all the action? Mykonos is for you! You will be hard-pressed to not enjoy sailing around the Greek Islands. Rich in history, resplendent with amazing food, beautifully sunny beaches, and hopping nightlife, you’ll want to spend every summer in Greece.

Galapagos Islands


Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer Galapagos Islands


We are now turning our attention to the middle of the planet just off the shores of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands is a destination perfect for any true lover of wildlife. From sea lions to blue-footed boobies and penguins to giant tortoises, their legendary abundance of rare wildlife is impressive even to those rarely impressed by nature. The volcanic archipelago is also a perfect destination for snorkelers who can take a break from the underwater wildlife to swim ashore and enjoy the above water wildlife. While this destination is remote and you’ll find yourself enjoying the amenities of your superyacht, it’s natural splendor outweighs any concern over the distance you’ll sail to get there.

Whitsundays Islands


Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer Whitsundays Islands


A series of 74 islands between the northern coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays Islands are mostly uninhabited and are home to white sand beaches, hiking trails, and lush rainforests. In such close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll want to make certain to have your scuba gear ready to go so you can explore below the surface and frolic with the giant sea turtles. You’re south of the equator though, so our summer is their winter. Maybe this will be an adventure better timed for later in the year.

With a Dragonfly Superyacht at your disposal, you may find that the destination isn’t as important as the act of sailing. However, if you are looking for the ultimate destination, which of our suggestions will you choose? For those sailing with you, you may want to give them some sailing info and they can start with our article what to expect when you charter your own private yacht.

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Five Places to Sail Your Dragonfly Superyacht This Summer