Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations

Women-focused luxury destinations have surpassed what many think of as a girls’ trip. There are destinations that are ready to cater to women on many different levels. You will love the hotel that offers amenities that appeal to women as well as the island that only allows women on its shores. These are our picks for four excellent women-focused luxury destinations.

The Ellis Hotel


Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations The Ellis Hotel
Photo courtesy of The Ellis Hotel


What appears to be a regular boutique hotel on the surface is actually an ideal destination for women. They have an entire floor that is women only and is accessible only by a special key for those staying on the floor. Beyond the haven of the women-only floor, they note that The Ellis Hotel is “Hip and sleek, yet faithful to its roots, the Ellis Hotel bridges Atlanta’s past and present like no other hotel in the city. Our intimate size and boutique style make us the definitive choice of travelers looking for an alternative to cookie cutter chain hotels.” Rest and relax comfortably at the best rated hotel in Atlanta. 

Grange Hotels


Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations Grange Hotels
Photo courtesy of Grange Hotels


Another seemingly regular group of luxury hotels, London’s Grange Hotels – with several locations – have a service for its female guests to help them feel more comfortable. The option of female-friendly Superior and Executive rooms that provides peace of mind by offering an all-female staff. With four five-star locations in London, Grange Hotels is well-known for its exclusive luxury service which also includes amazing bars and dining. You will also find a full-service spa and fitness center. There are plenty of options for leisure – whether you’d prefer shopping, sightseeing, or even some adventure. As they note succinctly, Grange Hotels is “A unique collection of luxury hotels situated in key locations across the heart of London, all designed to suit today’s discerning international traveller.”

Elements of Byron


Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations Elements of Byron
Photo courtesy of Elements of Byron


Elements of Byron is a small property which is privately owned and focused on wellness camps with dietary guidance and also yoga on the agenda. Situated on Australia’s Gold Coast in Byron Bay (known as the Hamptons of Australia), Elements of Byron is a perfect destination for women travelers.


Elements of Byron Resort & Spa features 193 private villas dotted amidst 22 hectares of absolute beachfront paradise. The modern Australian beach architecture and interiors are inspired by Mother Nature and the native flora and fauna of this exceptional Byron Bay beachside location, where every luxury awaits.


You’ll want for nothing at Elements of Byron, from tennis to horseback riding and spa services to a ride on the solar train to downtown, they’ll help redefine “girls trip” for you and the best women you have in your company.

SuperShe Island


Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations SuperShe Island
Photo courtesy of SuperShe Island


The most exclusive of our list, SuperShe Island is strictly for women only. This private island off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea is just over eight acres. It can handle up to 10 people in four cabins. The island also features spa amenities including Finnish saunas.


Whether you are seeking a retreat or traveling solo, SuperShe Island has something to offer every woman. Daily wellness activities led by fellow SuperShe’s such as yoga, meditation, farm-to-table dining, cooking classes, fitness classes, nature activities, and so much more.


You’ll need to apply for a membership to the SuperShe Society to qualify for a visit to the Island. As it launches in June 2018, you may have a bit of a wait, but it will be well worth it.

As we first started seeing in 2007, women-focused travel was a new trend. Today, however, we’re reaping the benefits of what was once thought to be a trend. So, tell us, will you be planning a vacation to one of our women-focused travel destinations? For more great options for a retreat-style vacation, read Meditative Retreats: Where to Go to Recharge.

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Traveling Feminist: Four Women-Focused Luxury Destinations