The Azores Islands: A Vacation in Paradise

The Azores islands are often called “the Hawaii of the Atlantic.” This group of nine volcanic islands across 400 miles is an autonomous region of Portugal. They are truly one of the hidden gems of the travel world. See why this island paradise is truly a dream destination! You will want to plan your vacation of Azores, Portugal today!

The Scenery


Scenery at The Azores Islands: A Vacation in Paradise


A trip to the Azores Islands guarantees beautiful vistas. From turquoise waters to stunning waterfalls, there is beauty around every corner. The volcanic nature of the islands also offers plenty of unique features.


The genesis of the Azores is found upon 1766 volcanoes, nine of which are still active. Underground, almost three hundred volcanic cavities, including caves, ravines and cracks, have been surveyed. The landscape is filled with dry calderas, craters lakes, fumaroles and thermal water springs. In the sea, there are submarine geothermal springs. The mountain of Pico, majestic and with an intact cone, appears to be protecting all this geological wealth. The volcanism of the archipelago impresses for its diversity and creates its own magnetism. –


Be sure to visit the Lagoa das Furnas, a hot spring with steam vents, mud pots, and geysers for a truly unique experience.

Whale Watching


Whale watching Azores Portugal


Amazing whale watching opportunities surround all nine islands of Azores, Portugal. There are also plenty of dolphins to keep you company on your sea expedition!


The Azores are currently one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries. Among resident and migrant species, common or rare, more than 20 different types of cetaceans can be spotted in the Azores. It is an impressive figure and it corresponds to a third of the total number of existing species.


The differing seasons attract different species but visitors can see these amazing creatures year-round.

Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving on The Azores Islands: A Vacation in Paradise


Scuba diving naturally attracts many visitors to the Azores Islands. The location of the islands lends itself to an abundance of wildlife variety. Divers see creatures ranging from nine-foot stingrays, six-foot grouper, and multi-colored nudibranchs. It also offers the chance to see barracuda, marlin, tuna, and jackfish. The Azores is also one of the best European shark diving locations. Species such as blue sharks, mako, hammerhead, and even whale sharks can be found here. Water visibility can reach as high as 120 feet, making diving excellent. Diving in the Azores is a year-round attraction, there is always something to see.



Cuisine in Azores, Portugal


The culinary offerings of Azores, Portugal are a welcome addition to this tropical destination. The Portuguese influence is apparent with some unique twists. Seafood is obviously a large part of the cuisine. The tropical fruit that easily grows here is also prevalent, such as pineapple, banana, and passionfruit. The specialties of the islands are tuna and lapas, a sea snail that’s great grilled with lemon. Octopus stewed in wine is also a must-try when visiting the Azores. In addition, the islands have lush vineyards and are known for their wine. The vineyards of Pico are even a UNESCO World Heritage Site!



Heritage of The Azores Islands: A Vacation in Paradise


Finally, visitors enjoy learning about the unique heritage of the Azores Islands. These islands were unpopulated until settlement by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. The settlement of Angra do Heroismo, in the island of Terceira, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical significance and preservation.


Situated on the mid-Atlantic island of Terceira within the Portuguese Autonomous Region of the Azores, Angra do Heroísmo was an obligatory port of call for the fleets of equatorial Africa and of the East and West Indies routes during their voyages to and from Europe from the 15th century until the advent of steamships in the 19th century. The port of Angra is also the eminent example of a creation linked to the maritime world: It is directly and tangibly associated with a development of a universal historic significance, the maritime exploration that allowed exchanges between the world’s great civilizations.


You won’t find masses of tourists in the Azores Islands so now is the time to plan a visit. Will you travel to Azores, Portugal this year? If you are looking for even more exotic destinations, explore The Most Beautiful Places in Australia.

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The Azores Islands: A Vacation in Paradise