The 4 Luxury Gyms You Need to Visit

While most people think all gyms are the same, for the select few wishing to indulge there are some luxury gyms out there. These gyms feature personalized training and stretching sessions. Some also offer private changing rooms with custom cleaned and pressed workout clothes. With all of these features, these gyms to visit are take working out to an entirely new level.

E by Equinox


E by Equinox Luxury Gyms You Need to Visit


Equinox gyms are known for their upscale appeal but for a select few the boutique E by Equinox goes even further. At the select few locations, gym guests are treated to a personalized, luxury fitness experience.


The new luxury is all about the ultimate in experience—and E is just that. This concept was born out of consistent demand from our members for an even greater personalized lifestyle offering in a more residential environment, as with our other Equinox offerings, this membership is more than just access to a club: it’s a lifestyle and a community designed to help every member maximize their potential—howeve,r they choose to define it. -Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Managing Partner, Equinox


Members at E by Equinox receive valet laundry service, personal training, one on one Pilates, and more. With locations in London and New York City, no detail is spared at this fitness center that tops our list of luxury gyms.



Zenergy Luxury Gyms to visit


Located in Sun Valley, Zenergy is a full-service 48,000 square foot health and wellness center.


Zenergy is Sun Valley’s premier health club and spa. The Zenergy health club includes indoor and outdoor saline pools, tennis courts, cardio & weight training gym, Pilates, and over 85 weekly classes in our group fitness, indoor cycling, and yoga studios. Our luxury spa offers a wide variety of services, including massage, acupuncture, reflexology, nail salon, hair studio, and tanning. The new PIVOT Functional Movement Studio at Zenergy offers daily small-group fitness clinics to Zenergy members and the public.


There is truly nothing not thought of in Zenergy’s vast array of offerings. Be sure to add it to your list of gyms to visit.



Exos The 4 Luxury Gyms You Need to Visit


Luxury gyms like Exos take training to the next level. At their Phoenix location, one can train alongside professional athletes. With the 60-meter track, 80-yard football field and heated and cold pools, you’ll feel as though you’re a top performer also.


When it comes to improving health and performance, a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well. That’s why we’ve created a platform for achievement that goes beyond sports performance, corporate fitness, or traditional health care. We’re connecting people to the things that are vital to their health — the ingredients they need to perform at a high level day after day. When you dig into our solutions, you’ll find tailored plans that guide people to improve in the four pillars of human performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. We also work with you to create an environment, whether physical or virtual, that helps you feel safe, supported, and in control of your health. Every last person in that environment works together to produce lasting results.


With Exos’s holistic approach they ensure the success of their members both in and out of the gym.

Madison Square Cafe


Madison Square Cafe Luxury Gyms to Visit


Celebrities like Faith Hill and Liv Tyler flock to personal trainer David Kirsch for his one on one attention. With David’s Madison Square Cafe, now you can experience the same level of personal attention from David and his staff. Definitely a worthy addition to your list of gyms to visit.


The Madison Square Club is a state-of-the-art fitness training and nutritional counseling center. It offers a staff of skilled trainers, one of whom will work with you every moment to design a program around your strengths and weaknesses. They’ll help you realize maximize results in a minimal amount of time, encouraging you every step of the way. Ultimately, their goal is to discover your own optimal balance for mental, spiritual, and physical growth.


With never more than five clients in the space at the same time, the club ensures the personal attention clients need to succeed.

Now that you know how luxurious a gym can be, there is no going back! Which of these luxury gyms will you try? Do you have any to add to our list of gyms to visit? For even more upscale upgrades, explore Travel by Private Jet for The Ultimate Comfort.

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The 4 Luxury Gyms You Need to Visit