How to Spend Three Luxurious Days in Dubrovnik

Known for its Old Town pedestrian-only city and well-preserved architecture, Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Located in southern Croatia between the Adriatic Sea and the Dinaric Alps, it’s also an accessible getaway for European travelers. From exploring Old Town to water sports and restaurants with amazing views, Dubrovnik is truly a place of beauty, relaxation and luxury. We just had to learn more after reading about the adventures of Eva in Croatia. Here are some must-see spots for seeing the city in just three days.

Old Town


how to spend three luxurious days in dubrovnik


With a stunning view of the Adriatic, Old Town is full of history and culture. The town has also been depicted on the back side of the Croatian 50 kuna banknote throughout the decade. We recommend climbing the staircases of the city walls for an even better view of the sea. There are also cafes along the route should you need to stop for a quick break.

While the original church, Dubrovnik Cathedral, was lost in a 1667 earthquake, a new cathedral was built in its place and is open to the public. Tourists flock to see the treasury along with its relics such as wood from the Holy Cross and the body parts of St. Blaise. We also suggest heading to the Gundulićeva Poljana Market in the center of Old Town.  While you are there be sure to purchase some local fruits and vegetables or splurge on lavender, honey, olive oil and local spirits.



three luxurious days in dubrovnik
Photo courtesy of Nautika Restaurant


Not only is Dubrovnik home to some of the most amazing sights, it also has some of the best fine dining experiences. In the mood for an elegant dish with panoramic views of the city and sea? Make a trip to Nautika Restaurant at Pile. With terrace seating and various courses, it’s been called the “sixth most romantic restaurant in the world” by Conde Nast Traveller. Its innovative Mediterranean cuisine combines local ingredients and fresh seafood right from the harbor to create impeccable meals. For a more private dining experience, visit Restaurant Dubrovnik located in a secluded corner at Stradun. Only 11 years old, this rooftop restaurant offers a full wine list, seafood and a specialty dish with cabbage and potatoes. We recommend trying the sea bass with truffled mashed potatoes and finishing off with a gnocchi cake.



three luxurious days in dubrovnik
Photo courtesy of Elite Travel


There’s no better way to see Dubrovnik than with some of its many activities for all ages! Fit three adventures in one day with the walking, kayak, snorkel tour from Elite Travel. Start your day with a walking tour of Old Town while their expert guides show you the history and culture of the city. Then hop into a kayak for a tour of the seas that will take you to a hidden cave beach beneath the City Walls for an amazing snorkel experience. Finish your day paddling around Lokrum Island exploring its many hidden caves.

Want more options?  Try getting your blood pumping with a buggy safari through Dubrovnik and an off-road tour of the city. You’ll see old mine fields, war fortresses and a 360 degree view while riding through the hills. You can also test your skills in a 4-hour rock climbing adventure just outside Old Town or spend your day on a private fishing tour.

Since recovering from its war damage in the 1900s, Dubrovnik is once again a tranquil city by the sea. Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Adriatic and a history dating back to the 7th century, it’s no wonder this Croatian city is one of the most popular in the Mediterranean. Whether you prefer to explore the city from a kayak or a buggy, Dubrovnik also has some of the best fine dining and local ingredients. Looking for even more luxury food experiences? Check out these 5 must-do luxury tours for foodies around the world!

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How to Spend Three Luxurious Days in Dubrovnik