Sailing in Greece: The Ultimate Yacht Experience

More than 6,000 islands and islets dot the seas around Greece, each of which features unique characteristics waiting for adventurers to discover.  The ideal way to visit these picturesque isles is private yacht.  Sail the gorgeous waters, dock in charming harbors, and disembark to discover all the hidden luxuries the Greek islands have to offer.

They are so close, so many, and yet so different from each other. The Greek islands offer endless experiences. Discover virgin beaches, hidden coves, sea caves, islets. Visit picturesque ports, volcanoes, marine parks, impressive capes, ancient cities, lighthouses. Enjoy the experience of sailing from island to island. Get to know these unique Aegean islands, with hospitable people, quaint villages, diverse nature and authentic flavours. (Discover Greece)

If you are searching for a textbook Greek island adventure, book a luxury tour of the Cyclades on a sailing yacht.  The Cyclades are famous for secluded beaches and remote coves only accessible by yacht.  Pristine beaches transition into cobalt blue waters where you may even catch a glimpse of a playful dolphin pod.

You can also take in the history of the Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese in a two-week sail. Start by visiting Nafplio, the seat of Greece’s first independent capital.  You can then sail to the port of Plaka which is sandwiched between two mountains.  Finally, you will arrive at the popular tourist destination Monemvasia.  A two week sailing adventure has all of this to offer and so much more!

Looking for a more family-friendly vacation?  Try booking a Lefkas yacht charter. Enjoy “gorgeous beaches, excellent snorkeling and scuba diving, and quaint fishing villages” among the islands off of Greece’s northwestern shore.

Summer is the best time of year to schedule your Greek yachting adventure.  The Meltemi, the northern winds, create perfect conditions for sailing between May and October.  This is also when the warm temperatures encourage travelers to take a dip in the iconic blue seas.  So are you ready to plan your yachting experience off the shores of Greece?  Sailing in Greece can be the ultimate luxury getaway.

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Sailing in Greece: The Ultimate Yacht Experience