Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime

Our world is full of beauty and nowhere is that more true than the view from a sailboat. There are so many wonderfully breathtaking routes through which you should direct your boat for the most luxurious vacation. We’ve scanned the waterways of the globe and have concluded that these are the routes you must sail at some point in your lifetime.

French Polynesia


Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime
Photo courtesy of Paradise in the World


You cannot put together a list of sailing routes and destinations without including one in the South Pacific. While it may be an aggressive itinerary, we’d suggest starting in Australia and traveling around New Zealand before making your way to French Polynesia. This collective of more than 100 islands known for coral-fringed lagoons and hotels with bungalows over the water also offers many opportunities to get your land legs back.  Explore their white- and black-sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, mountains, and rugged back-country.

Croatia and Northern Italy


Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime
Photo courtesy of Sail Dubrovnik/Flickr


We can never say too many good things about Croatia, as it’s been nicknamed the New Riviera. At the end of the last century, the country was still working out its independence, but by the early 2000s, it was well on its way.  Today the country’s struggle has benefited us all. With 49 square miles of the country facing the water, Croatia is one of the most desirable destinations in the Adriatic Sea. Couple Croatia with Northern Italy and you’re living an Eastern European vacation dream. A great starting and finishing point for your trip is Rimini, Italy with a stop in Venice before making your way to Croatia.

The Grenadines


Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime
Photo courtesy of Palm Island Resort, Grenadines


Also known as The Spice Islands, The Grenadines are an island chain linking St. Vincent and Grenada in the Caribbean. The sailing route is stunning whether you begin in the north at St. Vincent and cruise through the mostly uninhabited islands down to Grenada or, in the reverse. There are several options for stopping and experiencing the local culture between the main islands as well as in the inhabited islands along the way.  You might want to stop at Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau, Petit St. Vincent, and Palm Island. Palm Island, specifically, is a private island with a full resort, which may be worth an overnight to experience the luxury that the Palm Island Resort has to offer.

Puget Sound and Victoria, British Columbia


Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime
Photo courtesy of Oak Bay Beach Hotel


Tropical and exotic destinations may be what we think of first when we’re ready to set sail, but sometimes we need look no further than our backyard. In this case, set sail through the Puget Sound in Washington with stops in Port Townsend.  Take a side trip through the Strait of Juan de Fuea so you can visit Neah Bay and the Pacific Ocean before heading back through the Strait and visiting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A perfect spot to visit our neighbors to the north. Consider an overnight at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel to experience even more of the splendor of Victoria before making your way back down to Seattle.

Get ready to set sail with one of these must-travel routes and enjoy. Bon voyage! Of course, while you’re looking at sailing routes, you’ll want to consider Greece as well. Read our article, Sailing in Greece: The Ultimate Yacht Experience for all of the details!

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Routes to Sail in Your Lifetime