Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines

Do you settle for a “good enough” wardrobe?  When you buy a new car, do you look for a vehicle that is “adequate?”  Would you choose to build a home that was “tolerable?”  Why then would you settle for a less than perfect cruise vacation?  Instead of settling for an off-the-rack cruise vacation, plan a bespoke getaway that meets your every desire.  Move away from larger, luxury cruise lines and select a private yacht charter instead.

It is the most personalized vacation, tailored to your every want and design. Choose your guests, locations, activities, menus and everything else. It is only limited by your imagination and dreams. – Marine Max Yachts




Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines


The first obvious benefit of chartering a mega yacht for your cruise is the privacy.  Instead of sharing the boat with other travelers, you have it all to yourself.  It is so much easier to relax when you do not have to worry about how your actions will impact the vacations of strangers.  Stay up as late as you would like, wear what is comfortable to you, listen to your favorite music, or keep the ship silent and enjoy the peace and quiet.  When you are on a private yacht you can be yourself.

What you are about to discover is one of the best-kept international vacation secrets, the world of private yachting vacations. It’s a world where you can take the opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy special times with friends and family, while being pampered by a personal and professional crew onboard a private charter yacht anywhere in the world you choose…. – International Yacht Charter Group


Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines

When you charter a yacht, the terms of your cruise are up to you.  Instead of complying with the itinerary of the cruise line, you can customize your voyage to suit your interests.  Do you unexpectedly love one port on your trip?  Adjust your schedule and stay an extra day!  You are in charge of the adventure, so the decision is yours.

Many yacht charter companies staff the boat for your vacation.  This often means your trip will included the services of a gourmet chef.  Ask the chef to prepare your favorite meal or a local favorite, or to adjust all meals to suit your dietary needs.  Since the chef is cooking for only you, accommodations are easily made.

When you vacation on a larger luxury cruise line, you must choose from a set list of “excursions” allowed to passengers on the ship.  When you charter your own yacht, you can experiences as many new and exciting adventures as you can dream up.  Scuba dive with licensed instructors, taste artisan liqueurs at a port distillery, or go deep sea fishing off the stern.  Your interests are indulged when and where you would like.

Sleep to the gentle waltz of the water in the comfort of your private stateroom, and emerge each day to a new awe-inspiring seascape. Rejuvenate with a day of snorkeling over dazzling reefs gently unfolding into a breezy evening of cocktails and dining under a canopy of stars. Kayaking, fishing, shopping local markets, secluded walks on the beach—it’s all included—and yours to explore at your own pace, on your own schedule.  – Moorings


Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines

A chartered yacht vacation can live up to your dreams, because you choose every detail.  You pick the perfect locations, the ideal accommodations, the food, the entertainment.  Instead of settling for a pre-arranged vacation, your cruise will suit your specifications in every way.


The best way to embark upon your chartered yacht vacation is to hire a charter broker.  He or she will be able to guide you expertly through the process of planning all the details of your getaway.  Outline a budget, choose a destination, and select your amenities.  The broker will assist you to create a perfectly customized experience that will blow any luxury cruise line vacation out of the water.

Chartering a yacht allows you to explore a variety of destinations while offering you all the comforts and amenities of a luxury villa. The possibilities are truly endless, however your dedicated charter broker will find out your requirements and carefully guide you through the selection process, helping you to make the final choice and negotiating the best rate for you. – Fraser Yachts

Are you ready to embark on the cruise vacation of your dreams?  We hope this has inspired you to charter a yacht for your next vacation.  If you were to leave for a trip today, where would you go?  Let us know in the comment section or on social media!

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Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines