Jet Set: 5 Private Planes for Luxurious Air Travel

When it comes to travel, nothing says “you’ve made it” quite like a private jet. Think the amenities on your frequent flyer plan are nice? Try looking at the features on this list of must-see private jets:

Fit for Royalty: Airbus A380

Golden interior of Prince Alwaleed's private jet featuring gold cushioned chair

The Middle East may be known for offering an unparalleled level of service when it comes to their air transit, but even the most magnificent of commercial aircraft can’t compare to this Rolls-Royce of the sky.

The Boeing private jet ordered by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud comes stationed with a golden cushioned throne in the center of the plane, and a dining room with seating for up to 14 royal guests.

Hotel in the Sky: Boeing 747-8 VIP

Interior shot of all-white luxurious bedroom of Boeing 747-8 VIP

Those who enjoy sleeping in transit can seek solace in this ultra-luxe private jet. The interior features a stateroom, office, conference room, and several spacious lounges.

With options like wood-grain walls, large sofas, and plush mattresses, those who experience in-flight jitters can comfortably close their eyes and imagine themselves relaxing in 5-star suite, only to awake in a different country. The features and decor are fully customizable, so you can craft the private jet of your dreams.

A Cleansing Experience: Boeing 747-430

Solid gold sink in the Sultan of Brunei's private jet

Airplane lavatories are an unpleasant inevitability. But imagine if the restrooms on your aircraft were finished with nicer amenities than those found in most luxury hotels? Such is the reality for the Sultan of Brunei on his $233 million Boeing private jet. It comes complete with a walk-in shower for in-flight luxuriating, and sinks made from solid gold.

Speed and Style: Gulfstream G650

Interior shot of Gulfstream G650 plane with wood panelled walls

The Gulfstream G650 offers the perfect choice for style-conscious speedsters. The fastest personal aircraft in the world, the plane is capable of traveling at 92% of the speed of sound. International jet-setters looking to purchase this $65 million dollar private jet will delight in knowing that buyers can select from 12 different custom configurations, as well as 100% bespoke styling options.

For the average commuter, flying is fraught with irritants. It’s no surprise that most of us are glad to get the flight out of the way so that our vacation can truly begin. But for the lucky few who call these airplanes their castle in the clouds, the journey is just as fabulous as the destination.

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Photos: Forbes, Greenpoint Technologies, Ronerone, Luxury Launches, Gulfstream

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Jet Set: 5 Private Planes for Luxurious Air Travel