The Mediterranean Cruise of Your Dreams

A cruise vacation isn’t limited to the Carribean. A Mediterranean cruise is an incredible way to see an entirely different part of the world. Time spent cruising the coasts of Spain, Italy, France, and Greece offers a wide range of activities. From the sun-drenched beaches of the Greek islands to the ancient history of the Roman empire, these are our favorite ships for taking a dreamy cruise to the Mediterranean.

Ponant Cruise Line’s Le Ponant


Ponant Cruise Line's Le Ponant The Mediterranean Cruise of Your Dream
Photo Courtesy of Ponant


Luxury cruise line Ponant offers everything you would expect from a French cruise line. Free flowing champagne, fine dining, and attentive service are just a few of the perks aboard their flagship Le Ponant.


Mythical destinations and secret ports of call only accessible to small capacity yachts. Ponant’s signature are French-style cuisine in a welcoming and intimate environment, discreet yet attentive service where no attention to detail is spared, unforgettable moments of relaxation aboard elegant French flag yachts of character. A sophisticated yet friendly atmosphere, in which, emotions, discovery and the quest for authenticity all take priority.


Ponant offers a wide variety with their Mediterranean cruise offerings to please its guests. Also, with only 32 staterooms, this cruise ship offers an experience similar to a private yacht. Sailing on this ship is truly a unique experience.

Scenic Cruise’s Eclipse


Scenic Cruise's Eclipse Cruise to the Mediterranean
Photo Courtesy of Scenic Cruise Lines


The Eclipse is Scenic cruise line’s first ocean vessel and, as a result, no expense was spared in her design. This ship launched in 2018 with its own seven-seat submarine. It also has two seven-seat helicopters in tow.


Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level in terms of luxury and elegance. Your time on board will be one of world-class indulgence and absolute discovery. From the ultimate spa experience to the spacious lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, pool and jacuzzis, movie theater, your own private verandah suite, the luxurious wonders on board Scenic Eclipse never cease to amaze.

Scenic prides itself on offering “six-star” luxury and all-inclusive extravagance, including personal butlers. With a cruise to the Mediterranean traveling between Barcelona and Athens, the Eclipse offers guests the perfect way to explore in comfort.

Cunard’s Queen Victoria


Cunard’s Queen Victoria The Mediterranean Cruise of Your Dream
Photo Courtesy of Cunard


Cunard is known for its British take on cruising and the Queen Victoria is no different. This recently updated ship offers all the special touches you’d expect when looking for a Mediterranean cruise.


From the moment you step on board, when our white-gloved crew greet you with a warm welcome, every detail of your cruise has been carefully considered to ensure you have the most enjoyable, memorable and luxurious experience.


Take afternoon tea with a full band. In the evening, relax in the gin and fizz themed bar. You’ll also find plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful weather on your cruise to the Mediterranean!

Hapag Lloyd Cruises’ Europa 2


Hapag Lloyd Cruises’ Europa 2 The Mediterranean Cruise of Your Dream
Photo Courtesy of Hapag Lloyd Cruises


The German cruise line Hapag Lloyd Cruises also specializes in luxury cruising. This ship makes a Mediterranean cruise a true indulgence. The ship earned five-star status from Belitz Cruise Guide in 2018. It also earned the distinction of 2019’s best cruise ship in the world.


Lifestyle, luxury and no more than 500 guests: welcome to a truly special ship! The EUROPA 2 combines the highest standards with special moments and relaxation, giving you the freedom to make your dreams come true – in style, unforced and personal.


With routes such as Athens to Mallorca and Venice to Monte Carlo, the Europa 2 can delight even the most seasoned travelers with a cruise to the Mediterranean.

It’s easy to see how a trip on one of these Mediterranean cruise ships would create a lifetime of memories. For more adventures on the seas, explore this Private Yacht Charter: An Escape from “Luxury” Cruise Lines.

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The Mediterranean Cruise of Your Dreams