Best in Class: 4 World-Renowned Chartered Airline Services

Travel in style with these world-renowned chartered airline services.  Elite travelers will want to work with only the best when booking their itinerary.  Bypass those long lines at the airport in favor of personalized travel on your schedule.  With these four chartered airline services, the world awaits!


XOJET is a private jet and luxury service that includes fractional ownership where you buy a “share” of the plane and get guaranteed access hours.  Let XOJET tailor a private jet program and in-cabin service just for you.  Access over 1,000 private jets with the ability to go anywhere at any time.  XOJET promised to make flying at a moment’s notice easy with no long term commitments.  No one else has the benefits that XOJET provides to their discerning clientele.

Luxury Air

If you are looking for individualized service, Luxury Air may be for you.  Pick the exact time and origin of your departure from all the major airports across the US, Canada, Central and South America.  The high standard of service and attention to minute details makes this chartered airline stand out in the crowd.  A personal concierge is there to take care of every journey detail from dinner reservations to confirming your waiting limousine. Make your trip a pleasant and relaxed experience while arriving in style.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Charter your flight with Luxury Aircraft Solutions, a worldwide aviation company that served companies, sports teams, government organizations, and individuals.  They will custom tailor an air charter package to fit your individual needs including professional chefs for their in-flight catering.  Luxury Aircraft Solutions provides 24/7 on-demand service to more than 5000 airports.

Blue Star Jets

Blue Star Jets promises to provide private air charter at its finest.  Get access to a global network of over 4000 aircraft with this air charter broker.  They are able to find you the best operator for each private air charter.  If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury leisure and VIP hospitality, give Blue Star Jets a try.

The charter flight industry has come a long way since its inception.  The inclusion of luxury amenities to the standard offerings make chartering your own plane the ultimate in luxury travel.  Give these four world-renowned chartered airline services a try when planning your next vacation or business trip.  The luxury start to your excursion will be well worth the costs.

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Best in Class: 4 World-Renowned Chartered Airline Services