Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas Around the World

To spa, is to relax.  To find yourself and reset.  But spas came in all shapes, sizes and categories.  I want to highlight spas that truly define eco luxury; organic and green to their core.  Here are five eco luxury spas that will melt all your stress away while working in tune with nature.

Song Saa Cambodia

Create, collaborate, commit…those are the three morals that went into building this resort and continue today.  This is the way to build a hotel, thinking of the environment even before you break ground.  And what Mel and Rory have created is beautiful.  Song Saa Private Island offers an evolved spa concept that integrates the natural environment of the islands. This ‘spa with no walls’ is made up of little ‘sanctuaries’ dotted across the island, where treatments take place nestled in nature and are based in the cultivation of loving kindness.  Two words: Bucket list.

Amangiri Utah

Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas around the World

Set in the breathtaking Canyon Point, this desert- view spa resort focuses on restoring hózhó, which means beauty, harmony, balance and health in Navajo. The Spa aims to reflect the healing traditions through the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Spread across 2,322 square meters (25,000 square feet), the pavilions, treatments rooms and terraces provide a variety of treatments including massages, scrubs, wraps and flotation therapy. All the food on property is local and in season and if the local views were not enough, the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National parks are only a few hours away.  The vistas here will bring you closer to God.

The Nam Hai Vietnam

Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas around the World

In a beautiful setting perched over a lotus pond, The Heart of the Earth Spa is a haven of calm, connection and compassion. The heart of the spa is the awareness that we are not separate from the Earth but at one with her, and that by aligning with nature’s rhythms, we can improve harmony within ourselves and between humanity and the planet.  All treatments feature crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 Hz. – the harmonic intonation of nature – plus simple focused breathing techniques to attune body and mind to the Earth’s heartbeat.  True Love!

Meadowood Napa Valley

Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas around the World

In the middle of gorgeous California wine country you will find a lush private resort.  The spa is built of a collection of private suites which are designed for every treatment available and includes all amenities like a shower, bathroom and relaxation area so guests will not have to relocate to another room during their spa experiences.  Every detail has been thought of all, including the spa’s award winning culinary menu that celebrates the elements of nature surrounding: Vine, Earth, Air and Field.   Mind, body, soul and stomach.

Vivanta by Taj Bekal

Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas around the World

Spread out over 165,000 square feet, Jiva Grande at Vivanta Bekal is considered one of India’s finest spas. The spa focuses on a long term wellness programs of 2 – 4 weeks of Yoga, Ayurveda and Spiritual Retreats.  For first time visitors to India, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy luxurious modern comfort while practicing authentic and traditional methods.  There are lush landscaped relaxations spaces, meditation nooks, an entire wellness library, a Hamam and a full mud room, just to name a few of the amenities you will find here.  Located just off the Arabian Sea and nestled next to the Kappil River, all your worries will wash away.

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Must Visit Eco Luxury Spas Around the World