3 Sustainable 5-Star Thai Resorts

The natural beauty of Thailand is under threat from population growth and ensuing environmental concerns.  The last decade has seen a push to safeguard Thailand’s natural resources. Many luxury Thai resorts have made eco-conscious practices a priority.  If you would like to enjoy the attractions of Thailand in an environmentally responsible way, these three 5-star resorts should top your list.


Tongsai Bay has the distinction of being the first 5 star green hotel in Thailand.  Since the founding of the hotel in 1985, no damage has been done to the beautiful natural surroundings of the resort.  Tongsai Bay is a Green Leaf accredited resort with a full time Green Projects Manager to spearhead the resort’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.  As a guest of the resort you will surely enjoy the 25-acre gardens. Tongsai cultivates these grounds without insecticides or chemical fertilizers.  Read more about Tongsai Bay’s Green Policy here.


In addition to careful practices to limit the use of the islands water and marine resources, Pimalai resort gives back to the local community in a variety of ways.  The resort organizes summer camps to educate local children on the ecology of the island  They also sponsor the development of underwater colonies of clown fish.  The Thai resort even encourages local small businesses to participate in Earth hour on the last Saturday of March each year.  Learn more about Pimalai’s green practices here.


Zeavola Resort Phi Phi earned the title of World’s Best Sustainable Hotel by the World Boutique Hotels Awards for its eco-conscious practices.  The resort uses a water reserve system which includes four deep wells and a reverse osmosis plant to minimize unnecessary water consumption at the resort.  Zeavola earned the status of a Green Fin resort by the Phuket Marine Biological Centre.  They have begun a new reef regeneration initiative Project ‘Coral Freedom’.   Zeavola also earned the Five Star award in the category of Sustainable Hotel Thailand at the International Hotel Awards 2015 in London.  Find out more about this resort’s sustainable practices here.

What eco-friendly practices are most important to you when choosing a resort for your international vacation?  Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Sustainable 5-Star Thai Resorts