What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?

Choosing a luxury destination for your next vacation raises important questions. You need to know if it will be a suitable location, will it meet your needs, is it on par with the luxury you’ve come to appreciate in your travels? Rest assured, Japan is a destination worthy of the praise and accolades it often receives. Japan is history and tradition mixed with “the global imagination’s default setting for the future” as noted by science fiction author William Gibson.

Glorious Sights of the Imperial Palace


What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?
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This former site of the Edo Castle from Japan’s Edo period is the residence of Japan’s Imperial Family. Surrounded by moats and massive stone walls, the Imperial Palace is located right in the center of Tokyo, a short distance from Tokyo Station. While the inner grounds are only open to the public two times each year – January 2 for a New Year’s Greeting and again on the Emperor’s Birthday on December 23 – there are tours available of the grounds of the palace. Of course, most feel that the best time to visit would be when the cherry blossoms are blooming or in the winter when the area is powdered with snow. Apply for a visit through the Imperial Household Agency.

Pulse of the Thriving Cities


What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?
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Tokyo is the obvious destination when you think of a bustling city in Japan, but Kyoto and Osaka are equally impressive. In each of these cities, you’ll experience how traditional Japan and modern, technological Japan come together harmoniously. The lights of the city are juxtaposed with women in traditional kimonos on the busy city streets. From shopping and dining to lodging and service, the major cities of Japan will provide all the luxury you desire with their unique brand of Japanese detail and care.

Tradition meets Technology


What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?
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Nowhere in Japan is technology more prevalent than in the cities, especially in Tokyo, the technology hub of the country. Osaka has, however, given it a run for its money and Fukuoka is turning into Japan’s Silicon Valley. It is the city that employs technology in staggering numbers. From social media to apps for everything, there is nothing that is out of reach after a few taps on your smart phone. Should you encounter a language barrier, no problem, your hotel will work that out for you.

First Class Luxury


What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?
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Speaking of hotels, this is where Japan’s luxury really shines. Luxury is more than nice linens and a well-appointed room. It’s also about an escape and a level of service. The luxury hotels in Japan rise to the occasion and take the most excellent care of their guests who come to experience Japan’s finest luxury options. We recently recommended several luxury hotels in Tokyo, but there are some equally impressive properties in both Osaka and Kyoto. In Osaka, we would opt for The St. Regis as it has everything you’ve come to expect of a St. Regis property, but also the Japanese level of service. In Kyoto, our pick is Hotel Kanra Kyoto (pictured above). This 29-room boutique hotel feels like a culturally-immersive experience with all of the luxury you desire in a hotel.

In choosing a luxury vacation destination, it is important to determine if the destination will meet your needs, we’re confident that Japan ticks every box on the luxury checklist. While in Tokyo, be sure to stop at the Ginza District. So will you be headed to Japan on your next vacation?

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What Makes Japan a Luxurious Destination?