Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List

With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning a ski vacation in Canada. With almost 300 ski resorts in the country, there are certainly many to choose from. So, how should you decide where to go skiing in Canada? Snow Magazine ranked Canada’s Whistler Blackcomb and Revelstoke among the top ten ski resorts in the world, read on to find out why you won’t want to miss these two amazing, yet markedly different, ski resorts. Wondering where to ski in Canada? We have you covered!

Snow, Snow, Snow


Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List


Both Whistler and Revelstoke are known for their copious amounts of snow, an obvious must-have for an amazing ski resort. Just inland from Vancouver, Whistler gets struck by Pacific storms all winter and offers nearly 200 ski days per year. Revelstoke, located in a remote part of Canada’s British Columbia province, averages over ten full meters of snow each year. You’ll find the snow wetter at Whistler than Revelstoke, but both offer skiing comparable to any European destination.

Types of Pistes


Types of Pistes Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List


Whistler-Blackcomb boasts an extremely wide range of terrain. High glacial slopes, open powder-filled bowls, and steep challenging chutes inticed advanced skiers to the resort while sheltered tree-lined cruising pistes and pretty glades serve as beginners’ zones. There are also six snowparks, plus the Olympic-standard superpipe that remains from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. Skiing in Canada doesn’t get must better when you are traveling with those that have a wide variety of skill levels.

Revelstoke in contrast best serves experienced skiers. This resort has the longest vertical in North America, coming in at over 1700 meters. It also has only 63 pistes in over 3000 acres, making it excellent for off-piste skiing. It’s also known for its amazing heli-skiing opportunities.


The tree skiing here is truly world class, and with an annual snowfall of between 9-14 meters, once you’ve mastered your turns through them you won’t be back on the pistes again. If you’ve never skied in trees then don’t worry, as you can take one of the Cat/Heli prep days, which will help no end. -Snow Magazine

Aprés Ski


Aprés Ski Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List


When it comes to resort amenities, you’ll find a big difference in Whistler and Revelstoke. Revelstoke is significantly smaller and still in the process of building. The resort offers limited accommodations, with some available condominiums along with preferred hotels in the town of Revelstoke, 15 minutes away by car. It also has a restaurant, the Rockford Wok, along with a tavern, lodge with cafeteria style eating, and two smaller cafes. The nearby town offers a laid-back feel with multiple bars and restaurants.

In contrast to Revelstoke, Whistler is a bustling mega-resort joined with nearby Blackcomb. Non-ski activities include indoor climbing walls, outdoor zip-lining, snowmobile rentals, dog-sled excursions, a spa, and a multi-screen cinema. The expansive resort offers a wide range of accommodations to suit any budget, from hotel rooms to luxurious chalets. It also offers a whopping 55 different dining options across the resort to fit any taste. If all inclusive is what you are looking for, book this resort for the ultimate trip skiing in Canada.

The Right Resort for You


Resorts for Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List


Now the only question is where to ski in Canada? While both of these resorts offer some of the best skiing in Canada, each has its own advantages. Some prefer the quiet remote location of Revelstoke. Others enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large, busy ski resort like Whistler Blackcomb. If you’re looking for a vacation to test your skiing skills and push you to the limit while minimizing crowds, Revelstoke is calling your name. If your ski vacation is more focused on the whole experience and you want to experience a wide variety of activities, Whistler is the resort for you. Regardless of which you choose, it’s guaranteed you’ll enjoy skiing in Canada.

So, are you looking for where to ski in Canada? Did this article help make your decision? While these two resorts are among the top in the world, there are also certainly many amazing ski adventures to be had abroad. If you’re looking to ski across the pond, explore Skiing in the Alps: Start Planning Your Vacation.

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Skiing in Canada: Why Whistler and Revelstoke Should Be On Your List