How to Vacation in Europe: The Five Best Villas and Apartments

Europe is a veritable treasure trove of castles, villas, homes, and noteworthy apartments. So, the questions remains:  how to vacation in Europe? We have our five favorites below that are sure to please. Some of our choices do limit access. There are those, however, in which you can spend your entire vacation if you choose.

Villa Cavrois



This modernist mansion doesn’t look like your typical villa. At least, it doesn’t look like what you typically think of when you think of a villa in Europe. This mansion has significance nonetheless. The large structure was built in 1932 by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for industrialist Paul Cavrois from the Nord department. Cavrois was active in the textile industry and he and his wife wanted a country home for themselves and their seven children. Its location was key – it is located close to the textile factories they owned.

In 1990, the home became an historical monument and in 2001 it was acquired by the State. After a kick-off in 2003, repairs, restoration, and rehabilitation have been a norm for the property and after 15 years it is a lovely destination. As they note, there are six main reasons to visit Villa Cavrois. These include an exemplary restoration, a contemporary castle, 830 square meters of terrace, a total work of art by Mallet-Stevens, a water mirror 72 meters long, and it’s just 20 minutes by tram from Lille Train Station.

Villa Solbacken



Another to visit, Villa Solbacken notes that “In the early 1900s, successful successor John Jeansson built Villa Solbacken. In succession, a first-class cultural environment emerged as today, over 100 years later, is seen and offers lunches, conferences, spectacles, festivals and dream weddings.” They serve lunch every Wednesday to Friday and it’s an absolutely wonderful stop as you’re exploring Sweden. Do not confuse it with the Villa Solbacken in Stockholm. Solbacken is more well-known due to it having become home to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden in 2015. You can’t actually visit the one in Stockholm. Which makes a visit to the villa in Kalmar well worth the trip and the further exploration of this gorgeous country.

Villa Crespi


Villa Crespi - How to Vacation in Europe: The Five Best Villas and Apartments
Photo courtesy of Villa Crespi


In a country that has some of its greatest accommodations carved out of historical buildings, it’s no wonder that Italy’s Villa Crespi is one in which you can stay. With origins dating back to 1879, Villa Crespi was the “dream come true of a wealthy cotton merchant, Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, who wanted to bring the charm of Baghdad back to his beloved Lake Orta. It was originally named after Pia Travelli Crespi, like her husband a native of Busto Arsizio (Varese) and was gifted to her as an act of love, this being the reason it was called Villa Pia as we can still read on one of the gateways to the property.”

The villa was designed by noted and much sought-after architect of the times, Angelo Colla. Today, it houses a resort that rivals any luxury hotel. They describe it as “An enchanted haven for all who wish for an experience of the emotions. Villa Crespi was and is a dream come true, lying on the shores of romantic Lake Orta.”

Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House


Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House How to Vacation in Europe: The Five Best Villas and Apartments
Photo courtesy of Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House


We’re, of course, huge fans of a visit to a winery as well as to Europe. So, when you put the two together, you have a heavenly vacation. Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House in Portugal is just that, luxury accommodations in a winery in Europe. As they describe themselves, they were “the 1st wine hotel in Portugal, is a renovated 19th century manor house offering 11 charming rooms with a panoramic view of the vineyard and river, all decorated according to the period style, with the maximum comfort of a familiar property. Between gardens and terraces, you can find the pool between vineyards, a chapel, a terrace under a branched pergola and access to the restaurant, a winter garden or fruit orchards, historical sites and unique places worthing a visit.”

Villa Varadella


Villa Varadella How to Vacation in Europe: The Five Best Villas and Apartments
Photo courtesy of Croatian Villa Holidays


Croatia has become an increasingly popular destination for discerning travelers and a visit to Croatia today is best when you explore more of the country than the areas which have become more popular among tourists. That’s where Villa Varadella comes in. It’s located in Pula in the Istria Region just outside the city. It is a unique property in which to stay as it is a lighthouse that dates back to 1877. While it may not seem to be replete with amenities, guests have access to the nearby hotel amenities. The location also allows for great beach access, tours of the ancient Roman city, and nearby restaurants, shops, and clubs.

When pondering how to vacation in Europe, we encourage you to think beyond what may be obvious to most travelers. You will love to explore these villas throughout the continent. So, tell us, which one is most appealing to you? For more interesting places to visit in Europe, read about try our list of the best golf courses in Europe.

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How to Vacation in Europe: The Five Best Villas and Apartments