Four Unconventional Vacation Properties

We all love a luxury hotel and spa or even a gorgeous vacation villa. Some of the best and most memorable accommodations, however, are those which are the most unconventional. These are four of our favorite and some of the most unconventional vacation properties that you could choose. Try these for a vacation that will be a highlight for you and your family and friends.

Cueva de Lujo


Four Unconventional Vacation Properties Cueva de Lujo
Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor/Cueva de Lujo


In the Andalucian province of Granada in Spain, the Cueva de Lujo (Luxury Cave) is a stark, clean, and stunning rental. It sleeps nine with three bedrooms as well as three bathrooms. The cave home is in the heart of a historic district between Sacromonte and Albaicín and is much brighter than you’d expect a cave to be. This is due in part to its bank of windows but also to the white cave walls and dramatic lighting. The modern conveniences of the home provide you with the luxury you need while its location offers stunning views of the Alhambra from the home’s terraces. Be sure to pack light and approach on foot as Cueva de Lujo is in an area with car restrictions and the streets are paving stones.

Lighthouse Verudica


Four Unconventional Vacation Properties Lighthouse Verudica
Photo courtesy of My Istria/Lighthouse Verudica


On the waterfront of the Verudela peninsula just outside Pula, Croatia sits the Lighthouse Verudica. This lighthouse is now a stunning rental home perfect for you and a handful of family or friends.


Words can not describe the view you have from the cliff the lighthouse stands on. Here you can sit out on the terrace and enjoy the sunset and tranquillity. This is a place of unsurpassed beauty and it offers peacefulness and serenity for guests staying in three beautifully decorated bedrooms.


The rental is perfect for up to six people so perhaps you’ll enjoy it as a couples’ getaway with your closest friends (though the third bedroom has bunk beds).

Belrepayre Airstream


Four Unconventional Vacation Properties Belrepayre Airstream
Photo courtesy of Belrepayre Airstream


Relying on the kitsch Americana factor, Belrepayre Airstream is an Airstream bed and breakfast and guest house in BelRepyre, France, a short distance south of Toulouse. While you may not envision a visit to France including a stay in an Airstream trailer, this unique experience will expose you to the coutnry in a way you never thought possible. We’ve seen Airstream parks crop up around the United States and they’ve become quite popular because they tend to mix high design and luxury amenities.  Belrepayre Airstream, however, is decidedly casual relying on its position on top of a hill with amazing views of the countryside on the horizon of the Pyrenees. Belrepayre Airstream makes a great follow-up after a busy and active visit to Paris with its quiet setting. You will also enjoy the walks it will afford you through the fields, meadows, and forests.

PCH Water Tower Home


Four Unconventional Vacation Properties PCH Water Tower Home
Photo courtesy of VRBO/PCH Water Tower Home


Having been meticulously restored in 2016 and 2017, the PCH Water Tower Home was originally erected in 1892 and is one of California’s oldest landmarks. It is also one of the world’s tallest residential homes standing at nearly 100-feet-tall from base to ceiling. This home is unique and unconventional, but what is most striking are its panoramic views. You will love the portion that offers the best sunsets you can imagine over the Pacific Ocean.


This amazing home is beyond well-appointed, it has been professionally renovated and decorated with first-class amenities, appliances, thousand-thread count linens and top-shelf accoutrements, so that your experience in southern California beach living is not only first-class in every conceivable way, but a memory you treasure forever.


At 3,000 square feet with four bedrooms and three and one-half baths, the PCH Water Tower Home sleeps eight making it a perfect place for a memorable vacation in a location that will be special to you and your guests.

Choosing an unconventional property for a vacation rental may not be for everyone. For those willing to try something a little more creative, they can create memories of a lifetime. So, tell us, are you adventurous enough for one of these properties and which will you choose? If the unconventional isn’t for you, you may want to read The World’s Best: Remote Luxury Hotels to experience more traditional luxury in some special destinations.

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Four Unconventional Vacation Properties