Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury

Not many places in the world allow you to rent an entire island for your vacation. Luckily, Belize is a tropical paradise that has numerous private islands available. Renting a private island gives travelers an entirely new level of privacy and luxury for their getaways. Couple that with the sparkling clear waters and also the world-class diving available in Belize. It makes the recipe for a once in a lifetime trip! If you are looking to indulge in the ultimate luxury vacation, you will want to book a Belize private island rental right away!

Little Harvest Caye


Little Harvest Caye Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury
Photo Courtesy of Little Harvest Caye


No detail is spared for guests booking Little Harvest Caye. This Belize private island rental also takes care of every detail.


The ultimate private island experience awaits you off the coast of the Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize.Surrounded by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, Little Harvest Caye is your beautiful 1.5 acre island paradise perfectly situated to have panoramic views in all directions of the Maya Mountains, open ocean and Placencia Village. Little Harvest Caye offers an experience like no other.


Visitors reach the island via a short five-minute boat ride from the charming Placencia village. The resort provides a boat and driver at all times for guests. In the village, guests can visit restaurants, bars, shopping, and local attractions. The location is close enough to town to allow for easy access but far enough to also provide privacy.

Royal Belize


Royal Belize Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury
Photo Courtesy of Royal Belize


Another luxury Belize private island rental is Royal Belize. This resort offers its four villas to only one party at a time. You can come with one guest or even more, up to 16!


Indulge in luxury service, dining, amenities and accommodations. Royal Belize is only offered to one guest party at a time, so you are guaranteed to have our full attention and an all-inclusive private island experience. Rent the entire island for just you and someone special or bring an entire group. You won’t get this experience anywhere else…Cross the threshold to a world free from constraints where imagination flows with creativity. Vacation on our exclusive private island off the coast of one of the globe’s most impressive destinations. Experience undersea adventures, culinary delights and beach-side lounging. We invite you to explore our 7.5 acre island or just sit back and relax.


Coco Plum Island


Coco Plum Island Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury
Photo Courtesy of Coco Plum Island


Finally, on Coco Plum Island, groups up to 32 can be accommodated on the ten-acre property. It also includes a variety of tours in the rental price.


Imagine living on a beautiful private island paradise for a week with just your closest family and friends. Nestled only 10 miles off the coast of the sleepy town of Dangriga, Belize, Coco Plum Island Resort is the perfect vacation destination for your large group rental. Your group can book the entire island. Whether you would like to host a fabulous destination wedding, family reunion or even a laid-back corporate event rental, Belize private island vacation rentals surely can satisfy all your needs. What better way to enjoy a week in paradise than with our Belize Private Island Rental Package in which everything is taken care of: daily meals including breakfast, lunch & dinner, unlimited local drinks, accommodations, local airfare, adventure tours, all hotel & sales taxes and best of all: an entire Caribbean Island all to yourselves!


All three of these islands take an already amazing destination and make it even more luxurious! A Belize private island rental certainly needs to be on every travel lover’s bucket list! To learn more about renting private islands, explore The World’s Best Private Islands That You Can Rent.

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Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury