Avoid Crowds at These Three Undiscovered Locales

Traveling is one of life’s great pleasures, but whether you’re visiting a well-known attraction or something off the beaten path, it seems that there are always hordes of people with the same idea. The question is, “how can we see these amazing places without all the crowds?” We have some suggestions for you to help you enjoy some of the best things the world has to offer without dealing with large crowds of people. While the locations may not seem particularly undiscovered, the means by which we suggest visiting them is where the discovery begins.

Little Corona Beach, California


Avoid Crowds at These Three Undiscovered Locales


Orange County, California is full of amazing beaches but often, those amazing beaches are full of people. We’re sure some of these are amazing, but still, you want some quiet time. Among the 42-miles of beaches in Orange County sits Little Corona in Newport Beach. Why is it more private than its much larger and often packed Corona del Mar? It’s a little further down the coast and down a steep walkway (a deterrent for many). While you won’t avoid people altogether (we’re talking about Orange County after all), you’ll find that the people you’ll encounter at Little Corona could hardly be defined as a crowd.

This is one of our picks because of its central location on the coast of Orange County, but there are a few other great, more private beaches along the coast. Some of those locations include South Laguna in Laguna Beach, South of T Street in San Clemente, and First Street in Seal Beach. Proof that even in a gorgeous, tourist-driven area like Orange County, there are still some quiet areas tucked away awaiting your visit.

Grand Canyon, Arizona


Avoid Crowds at These Three Undiscovered Locales


Not since Bobby and Cindy Brady got lost on the Brady family’s trip has the Grand Canyon seen such low attendance numbers. But there’s a way to enjoy the majesty of this national park six million years in the making, it’s all about when you visit. Plan your trip in September or October, during this time frame you’ll avoid the crowds of summer and you’ll find that the weather is more agreeable (less windy) than a spring visit.

Another tip to beat the crowds? Get an early start every day of your visit. To make this easier, stay in closer proximity. At the North Rim of the canyon, you’ll find the Grand Canyon Lodge while at the South Rim you’ll find the El Tovar Hotel. Our pick is the Grand Canyon Lodge because many people don’t tend to make their way to the north of the canyon which is a bit surprising because the views there are stunning – some would say they’re the best views you’ll find on a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Toronto, Ontario


Avoid Crowds at These Three Undiscovered Locales


Toronto is an international city with gorgeous hotels with comfortable rooms and amenities.  You will also find delicious cuisine at both formal and casual restaurants, stunning architecture creating a memorable skyline, art galleries and museums filled with striking pieces.  Add to that the warm and welcoming people and you have a must visit destination.

But there’s a secret to a successful visit to Toronto to avoid crowds of tourists – visit during the shoulder season. The shoulder season is the travel period between peak and off-peak seasons. Toronto’s shoulder season is the spring. While it may still be a bit chilly, it’s a great time to take in the attractions of Toronto (the Toronto Islands, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the iconic CN Tower). During this time, you can also save on airfare and accommodations and get a table at that much-heralded restaurant about which you’ve read. Spring in Toronto is your ticket to enjoying the spoils of a big city without the frustrating crowds.

If crowds are a deterrent to your travels, we hope these options will aid you in choosing a destination to have a vacation that will avoid crowds. There are more options for avoiding crowds, the best is a classic road trip, read Three Bucket List Road Trips — and the Best Car for Each One.

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Avoid Crowds at These Three Undiscovered Locales