The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle

Seattle is a city that’s seen immense growth over the past decade as the tech industry has continued to boom there. Investors have taken note. In addition to seeing luxury apartments and condos crop up throughout the city, there has been a surge of well-designed hotels. With this influx, we’re seeing more interesting and also creative rooms that are perfect fodder for your Instagram account. These are our favorite Instagrammable rooms in Seattle.

Motif Seattle


The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle Motif Seattle
Photo courtesy of Motif Seattle


While it’s not too outlandish, the simplicity of the design of Motif Seattle will compel you to post photos of it. You will find quirky little touches in each room and also around every corner of the property. This hotel is all about where high design meets a fun aesthetic.


Seattle style is our Motif. From your local welcome libation to our rooftop lounge with views across the City, touchstones of the area’s sweeping landscape and rich arts and music culture infuse your surroundings. Newly renovated rooms feel like modern residences, with natural hardwoods and colors inspired by the Pacific Northwest. And you’ll find the region’s culinary bounty reflected in the menus at Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails, adjoining the fifth floor patio.


Sorrento Hotel


The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle Sorrento Hotel
Photo courtesy of Sorrento Hotel


Subtly artful, the historic Sorrento Hotel pulls you in from your first approach to the hotel. You’ll find yourself shooting photos in the Fireside Room and also in the Dunbar Room as it is simply stunning. The rooms of the hotel have a great deal of personality and their design varies. So, what is our favorite?  We love the Designer Suite by Brian Paquette.


Brian Paquette has long been fascinated by how humans interact with art in space. Coming from a background in conceptual art, he founded Brian Paquette Interiors in 2008 with the simple aim of making houses into homes. In Suite 512, Paquette and lead designer Nicole Murillo have juxtaposed old and new, traditional with offbeat, revealing the Sorrento’s history while activating the room with new pieces from Seattle’s upstart design movement, including artists Noble Neon, Katy Krantz, Jihee Kim and April Brimer.


Trust us. You’ll want to Instagram every inch of the room.

Hotel Max


The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle Hotel Max
Photo courtesy of Hotel Max


Hotel Max says that they help their guests celebrate Seattle through art, music and also craft beer. This is another property where you’ll find yourself shooting everything to post to Instagram.


We go way back. Hotel Max started out as the Vance Hotel, which opened in 1926, and was a major landmark – you knew you were close to Seattle when you could see the neon-lit “Vance Hotel” sign from a distance. In 2005, Provenance transformed the Vance Hotel into the Hotel Max. Inspired by its artistic and architectural roots, the Hotel Max has become a magnet for musicians, art lovers and the creatively inclined. As a key fixture in Seattle’s art scene, we’re always playing with art and music in all forms, from our extensive collection of paintings throughout the hotel, to an entire floor dedicated to Sub Pop Records.


Hotel Ändra


The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle Hotel Ändra
Photo courtesy of Hotel Ändra


With a Scandinavian design sensibility, Hotel Ändra is the perfect locale for Instagram-worthy photos. With its clean, stark design focused on comfort, the Seattle sky provides great light to enhance your photos whether they’re of the room or even of yourself.


Ändra means ‘change’ in Swedish, and changed is what we are. Now one of the premier luxury hotels in downtown Seattle, the building first opened in 1926 as efficiency apartments and became a transfer station for members of the Women’s Army Corps from late 1945 through 1947. In the 1970s, the building was restored to become a small boutique hotel, and was thoroughly re-created to become Hotel Ändra in April 2004.


Inn at the WAC


The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle Inn at the WAC
Photo courtesy of Inn at the WAC


While you have to either be a member of the Washington Athletic Club or a sponsored guest to stay at the Inn at the WAC, membership pays off when you see the rooms. Our favorite is the Elliott Bay Suite. As they describe it, “the Elliott Bay offers unparalleled views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The suite also features a spacious deck with weatherproof table and chairs, two teak chaises, and abundant plantings. The Elliott Bay Suite living area showcases museum-quality paintings and sculptural art by Northwest artists, a large sectional sofa, and a built-in media center.”

A plethora of Instagram opportunities await all throughout Seattle. Each of these amazing hotels feature some of the most Instagrammable rooms in the city. So, which will you be contacting for a reservation? Heading down the coast, there’s another city that was practically designed for Instagram, San Francisco, read Luxury Hotels in San Francisco.

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The Most Instagrammable Rooms in Seattle