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Not sure where to go on your honeymoon just yet? A honeymoon in Bali is the perfect romantic, tropical destination with activities and sights to see all around the island. Located just off the coast of Indonesia, Bali is full of breathtaking views, lush jungle, luxury resorts, and so much more! Whether you want to relax at the hotel spa or explore a day on the Gili Islands, here are some of our favorite must-sees when planning your Bali honeymoon.

Weather Patterns


Weather Patterns Bali honeymoon

Bali’s weather can be a bit unpredictable at times, but its rainy season runs from November through February. While you can still get some sunshine, we recommend being prepared for a lot of rain as well. If you’d like to try and avoid the rain as much as possible, Bali also has a dry season. From April through October, the island experiences the least rainfall during the year. Another thing to keep in mind is summer months are the busiest on the island as well, so dry weather can also mean more crowds. We recommend planning a honeymoon in Bali in either April or September for the driest weather and least possible crowds.

Where to Stay


Where to Stay honeymoon in Bali
Photo Courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali


No matter what part of the island you plan on visiting, there are some great hotels perfect for every honeymoon! For those looking to relax and get a traditional Bali experience, Ubud is a great place. We recommend staying a few nights at Hanging Gardens of Bali for unforgettable views of the jungle. The hotel sits atop the trees and is made up of 44 private villas. Take a swim in their infinity pool – also named the “World’s Best Swimming Pool” by Condé Nast Traveller. Dine at one of their many restaurants and bars, or enjoy a spa day for ultimate relaxation. Hanging Gardens also offers a Bali honeymoon package complete with complimentary airport transfers, breakfast, a Floating Sunset Sensation, and more.

Tegalalang Rice Fields


Tegalalang Rice Fields Bali honeymoon


You’ve probably seen several photos of the Tegalalang Rice Fields as this is a popular site for many visitors on their trip to Bali. Located near the village of Pakudui, you’ll be treated to some of the most beautiful views looking out over the fields. Since it sits 600 meters above sea level, farmers enjoy perfect temperatures for their crops. There is a small entrance fee of 10,000 IDR along with donations and free parking. If you plan a honeymoon in Bali during a rainy month, you’ll also be treated to lush, green fields. The rice fields even have several swings throughout so you can feel as if you’re flying over the scenery.

Monkey Forest


Monkey Forest Bali honeymoon
Photo Courtesy of Monkey Forest Ubud


Owned by the village of Padangtegal, the monkey forest lies within the village as well. Also known as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, you’ll find nearly 700 monkeys along with 186 tree species. The forest opens daily at 8:30 am with a ticket price of  80,000 IDR. Since the forest is sanctified by the village, there are a few areas that are off-limits to visitors such as the sacred temple. You are free to feed the monkeys bananas, however, you should never feed them any human food. The forest is also a sanctuary based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana, meaning “three ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being.” It’s important to the spiritual and economic life of the village while also conducting research for further conservation efforts.

Gili Islands


Gili Islands Bali honeymoon


Looking for a little adventure during your Bali honeymoon? The Gili Islands consist of three small islands located right off Bali’s coast. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet snorkel day on Gili Meno or want to socialize with others on Gili Trawangan, you can spend your day exploring one or all three! As the islands are only accessible by boat, we suggest booking your trip ahead of time if you visit during the busy season. Tickets can be purchased from tourism stands around the island or your own hotel. The boat ride only takes about an hour and a half so you’ll be there before you know it!

So, are you looking to plan a honeymoon in Bali? Maybe you want to find even more hot spots during your trip? Check out some of our top luxury local spots in Bali! Then get started planning the Bali honeymoon of your dreams!

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