Why Try Glamping?

For some people, the idea of camping sends a shiver down their spines.  Thoughts of poison ivy, tiny tents, and beans cooked over a fire do not conjour a lot of excitement for those accustomed to the finer things in life.  But now there is a way to enjoy the peacefulness of being connected with nature without sacrificing the creature comforts you are used to — glamorous camping.

“Glamping continues to merge the world of luxurious accommodations with unforgettable in-destination experiences.” Glamping.com

Dream Dome, New Brunswick

You can glamp in a variety of shelters, from airstream campers to yurts to treehouses.  Although the accommodations may sound rustic, each style of glamping offer the amenities of a luxury hotel in private, breathtaking surroundings.  The Dream Dome in New Brunswick features a huge bay window from which you can gaze upon the over 150 acres of wild forest from the comfort of your luxurious bed.  Or you can relax with a glass of wine while soaking in a private wood-fired Japanese hot tub.

Tented Camp, Serengeti

Not only can you glamp in a wide variety of shelters, but you can also find glamping locations all over the world.  Imagine immersing yourself in the landscape of the Serengeti with only canvas between you and the Wild.  But with the amenities of a top luxury hotel at your fingertips, of course.

Honeymoon Tents, Montana

Finally many glamping sites offer accommodation for groups of friends or family, or you can choose to make your trip a more intimate affair.  Paws Up Resort in Montana features Honeymoon Tents for adventurous newlyweds.  Enjoy private gourmet meals or the clawfoot tub for two.

Would you be willing to try camping if you knew the amenities of these locales were available to you?

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Why Try Glamping?