The Best Honeymoon Destinations in March

The purpose of the honeymoon has changed over the years. A honeymoon used to be for a newly married couple to discover and explore their personal intimacy. The honeymoon has evolved into a romantic vacation for a couple. Today’s couples more than likely have already explored the intimacy which was once the cornerstone of this time together and now they tend to spend time out and about while on their honeymoons. Because of this, the destination has become more important and we’ve created a list of picks for you for those March honeymoons.

The Caribbean



Whether you opt for a cruise, an inclusive resort, or something more private, March is high season for the Caribbean and the perfect time to visit – especially if you live in a colder part of the country. You’ll escape the cold and feel the warm embrace of sunny beaches and friendly service at any of the resorts you’ll encounter. After the stress of planning a wedding and managing the personalities of family and friends, a Caribbean vacation, time in the sun and sand, and a laid-back tropical vibe may be just what you need.

If you decide against a cruise or a big resort, we’d recommend a stay at East Winds in Saint Lucia. This small, luxury hotel loves to pamper their guests and has options including ocean front rooms, deluxe cottages, and superior cottages, as well as a beautiful pool area, full-service wellness spa, and bars and restaurants taking care of you all day and night.



The Best Honeymoon Destinations in March
Photo courtesy of The Palms


You know we’re a fan of a safari in Africa and what better way to spend your honeymoon than experiencing Africa, its peoples, and its animals. There are a number of options that combine a safari and a beach experience, too, so you’ll have the best of both worlds. Consider a luxury camp safari in Tanzania with a visit to Zanzibar. You’ll want to invest at least two weeks time in this honeymoon as the combined trip is usually about 12 nights with game drives in the Serengeti and beach time at a resort when you get to Zanzibar. Our choice for your resort in Zanzibar is The Palms with their upscale villas, romantic restaurant, pool and spa.



The Best Honeymoon Destinations in March
Photo courtesy of Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten


With cherry blossom season in full bloom, Japan makes a lovely destination for a honeymoon in March. Forgo the beaches and relaxation and opt for a vibrant, exciting vacation in Tokyo. While you’ll still be able to visit an excellent spa for that relaxation and tour beautiful gardens filled with cherry blossoms, you’ll also thrive on the restaurants and bars and shopping.

Our pick for your hotel while in Tokyo? Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten. With a humble, yet elegant modern traditional-inspired Japanese style, the Ryumeikan is centrally located and close to the Ochanomizu train station which will allow you to navigate the city easily. While many places in Tokyo are compact, the Ryumeikan has spacious rooms that will allow you to unwind properly and be romantic with your love.

These are our top three honeymoon destinations in March. We would love to hear which would you choose in the comments below. There are certainly many options closer to home if you would like. You can even try a spring ski vacation with our five luxury resort towns to visit for spring skiing.

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The Best Honeymoon Destinations in March