Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of

Imagine a European road so beautiful that you will remember it forever, more than just a route to get from A to B – imagine the perfect road. And now take a deep breath and relax, we’re about to share the ultimate driving road secret with you. No matter what TV programs and glossy magazines ever told you – the perfect road – doesn’t exist. It’s that simple. BUT, there are a few European roads out there that deserve more attention and a prominent spot on every petrol-heads bucket list, here is a selection of scenic roads in Europe you shouldn’t miss to drive in your lifetime.

Black Forest High Road


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


The Schwarzwaldhochstrasse in Germany – don’t loose anytime trying to pronounce the German name – stick to Black Forest High Road or keep it fact simple – the B500. As the name suggest the road goes trough the Black Forest in South Germany and connects the spa-town of Baden-Baden with the Swiss border in the south. The characteristics of the roads are fast sweeping curves and nearly endless driving pleasure on the finest German tarmac. All that nestled in the lovely landscapes of the forest and it’s peaceful hillside views. For car enthusiasts we highly recommended to start the journey from Stuttgart to visit the Porsche and Mercedes Museum before heading out on your Black Forest driving tour.

Strada della Forra


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


The roads around Lake Garda are narrow and busy – all traffic circles around one the shores of the massive Italian lake. But when in the region there is one road you shouldn’t miss. Drive the maybe most scenic gorge road of all times – the unique Strada della Forra. Street of the Gorge, is all that means, but yet you will be surprised how exceptional the pretty narrow road with its tunnels, rock formations, waterfalls and stunning views onto Lake Garda is. Churchill even called it the 8th wonder of the world. A road definitely not designed for large SUV’s and delivery trucks and yet the locals chase the road up and down without fear. If you’re a nervous driver better stay away. Should the road not scare you the Italian drivers might.

Old Military Road


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


Before taking Scotland off your list for the weather conditions think twice – the Old Military Road from Edinburgh into the Scottish Highlands might be the most scenic road you’ve ever driven. The landscapes and views are one of a kind and the beauty of Scotland has a lot to do with the fast weather changes. While you may drive through constant rain for an hour, the next minute the skies can open up and the Old Military Road lays in front of you crowned by an intense rainbow. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe it works if we rename it to – Whiskey trail. I think we have your attention: some of the best distilleries of fine Scottish whiskey can be found along this route in the Scottish Highlands. Make sure you book an overnight in the region before continuing your journey.

The Susten Pass


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


The Susten Pass in the central Swiss Alps is a high alpine pass that newcomers to high alpine driving will appreciate. The wide road comes with stunning views and plenty of pull-over-photo-opportunities that feeds your Instagram account with amazing pictures like no other pass in Europe. The Susten is part of the BIG 3 in the Swiss Alps and can easily be joined up with the Grimsel- and Furka Pass in a single day of driving. Usually from mid June to mid October the ensemble stays open and chasing them down in a convertible is a wonderful driving experience.

Col de Turini


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


Sharp bends are the main characteristics of the Col de Turini in France, near Monte Carlo. Petrol-heads love to take a break from all the yacht and beach relaxation when in the region and get some thrilling action before going back to work on their suntan. The challenging road that also hosts the Monte Carlo Ralley is more for confident drivers with some experience on high alpine roads. For those who can still eat after such a ride, the restaurant “des Trois Vallees” at the summit is awaiting you. The food is simple but good and flanked by hundreds of photos and automobilia items all over the place. You can spend an hour seeing all of it. Almost guaranteed that you get to meet other driving enthusiasts here.

Grossglocker High Alpine Road


Scenic Roads in Europe – A Best Of


The Grossglocker High Alpine Road in Austria is one of the main tourist attractions of the country and kept open May until October purely for tourism. With 3798 meters above sea level, the peak on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe (the summit is named after the Austrian emperor who came up here in 1856) the Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria and today you can climb here comfortably on a road. The 35 Euro car toll is part of the reason the drive up here is exceptional. The road is in the best condition you can wish for and traffic is reduced. Start your drive from Salzburg south toward Lienz and continue your journey back north through the National Park Hohe Tauern or south into Italy the next day.

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