The 3 Most Exotic Food Destinations

Do you have an appetite for the exotic or the unusual? From the coasts of Greece and Morocco to the city of Tokyo, it’s easy to satisfy your food cravings while traveling the globe. The Mediterranean is known for its fresh seafood and local ingredients, while Tokyo is considered one of the dining capitals of the world. Whether you prefer a delicious plate of pasta or a gourmet meal presented with liquid nitrogen, these are just three of our favorite exotic food destinations around the world.

Thessaloniki, Greece


most exotic food destinations
Photo courtesy of Clochard


Known as the culinary capital of Greece, Thessaloniki has influences from its neighbors in Turkey as well as the Baltic Sea regions. With outdoor markets scattered throughout the city, it’s easy to find the freshest seafood, local meats and specialty foods from the city. From Patitsio to Koulouria, every block is filled with local favorites and fresh ingredients.

We recommend making a stop at Clochard – winner of the “Toque d’Or” Prize for 8 years in a row. With a perfect balance of traditional and international, the menu is dependent upon the ingredients of the season and revised at least once a year. The owner is even personally involved in the food shopping each day. And don’t forget to indulge in a Chocolate Sphere from their desert menu – you’ll thank us later!

As the first bar-restaurant located in a museum in Greece, B. Restaurant is fine dining in a sophisticated environment. Located in the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the restaurant allows guests the chance to take in art and culture while enjoying a menu of fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a casual business lunch spot or a romantic candlelit dinner, B. Restaurant is the perfect destination.

Marrakech, Morocco


most exotic food destinations
Photo courtesy of Dar Anika


Not only is Marrakech home to the largest market with one hundred stalls to choose from, Morocco offers a variety of spices and flavors for their dishes. Located in North Africa in close proximity to Spain, foods with a Mediterranean influence are also popular in the region. Common meals include lamb, seafood and even camel in some parts.

Known for its barbecue and European dishes, L’Annexe offers a simple menu of steaks, soups, pasta and more. We recommend pairing your meat with their fish soup for a wonderful mix of flavors.

Looking for a quiet, romantic evening in the city? Dar Anika is a luxurious oasis located in the Riad Anika hotel. You are welcome to order from its a la carte, fixed or vegetarian menus – each complete with African and Middle Eastern dishes. With lavish decorations and the perfect ambiance, Dar Anika also comes complete with a rooftop terrace overlooking Marrakech. We suggest arriving hungry, some of their meals include 8 courses!

Tokyo, Japan


most exotic food destinations
Photo courtesy of Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai


Known not only for their delicious sushi dishes, Tokyo is considered one of the dining capitals of the world. With an astounding 160,000 registered restaurants in the city, it’s no wonder it has some of the best-tasting cuisine.

Surrounded by pine trees and a Koi pond, Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai offers a mix of Japanese and vegetarian/vegan dining. It’s traditional Japanese atmosphere and decorations will transport you back 200 years along with breathtaking views of the city. Their homemade tofu has a sweeter taste – made with soybeans and spring water from the region. You can also choose from either their “Grand Courses” or do a lunch course if you’re looking for something a little smaller or lighter.

In the mood for a more exclusive dining experience? Head to the Tapas Molecular Bar, with only eight seats and a two-hour course. This traditional sushi-bar style restaurant offers guests an entertaining menu of gourmet flavors and surprises throughout. Each dish features a fusion of Japanese and Western ingredients along with liquid nitrogen for an artful presentation. However, advance reservations are required due to its limited seating. If you wish to book a table, you can do so HERE.

Whether you prefer the rich food of the Mediterranean or a flavorful Japanese cuisine, there is no shortage of exotic food destinations. Want to experience even more cuisine from around the world? Check out our 5 must-do luxury tours for foodies!

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The 3 Most Exotic Food Destinations