Glamping Tents You Have to See to Believe

While millions of Americans love camping, some people just aren’t up for roughing it. For those who want to experience nature without forgoing the luxuries in life, glamping may be the answer. Glamping combines the beauty of being in the wilderness with amenities that might even be better than what you leave behind at home. Read on to see three of the most luxurious glamping tents that you’ll have to see to believe! These tents for glamping are really something special.

Collective Retreats Glamping Tents


Collective Retreats Glamping Tents You Have to See to Believe
Photo Courtesy of Collective Retreats


Collective Retreats creates unique glamping getaways like no other. Their luxurious glamping tents, thoughtful locations, and commitment to excellence make them a top choice for glamping enthusiasts.


We aimed to create transformative moments and a way of traveling that would provide connection and meaning. Luxury coexisted with ruggedness, fine dining happened under the stars, and our guests connected deeply to a magical place, to those around them, and to themselves. Eyes lit up, grins stretched from ear to ear, and over and over we heard, ‘This is travel the way it’s meant to be.’ We quickly realized that we weren’t the only ones craving simple, beautiful travel experiences and thoughtfully designed luxury accommodations.


Experiences range from New York City’s Governer’s Island to Yellowstone’s Moonlight Basin, offering something for every sort of traveler. Tents vary in amenities but can feature 1500 thread count linens, hot running water, and complimentary breakfast and campfire s’mores.

The Ranch at Rock Creek Tents for Glamping


The Ranch at Rock Creek Tents for Glamping Glamping Tents You Have to See to Believe
Photo Courtesy of The Ranch at Rock Creek


Perhaps the ultimate in luxurious glamping, The Ranch at Rock Creek lies in Southwestern Montana near the historic mining town of Philipsburg. The five-star resort has a lodge for traditional guest but offers tents for glamping that are comparable to the best hotels. With the wooden doors and front porches, you may even forget you’re in a tent! You can even take advantage of their unique homesteading tent crafted after pioneer wagons!


Seasoned travelers will delight in bespoke glamping tents, created to provide guests comfort and inspiration from Montana’s natural surroundings. With spacious bedrooms and additional living space, each cabin is individually furnished in a rustic camp style, featuring luxurious bedding, Western textiles and antique furniture.


Some tents are large enough for families with multiple rooms. Rooms include many amenities such as housekeeping, all food and premium drinks, activities, gear, and transportation to and from the airport. See more about this resort here.

Ventana Big Sur Glamping Tents


Ventana Big Sur Glamping Tents You Have to See to Believe
Photo Courtesy of Ventana Big Sur


For five star service, Ventana Big Sur offers some of the best glamping tents in the country. The resort is on 160 forested acres on the coast of Big Sur. The glamping area is accessible only by foot for an immersive experience.


It’s a luxury camping experience, a more refined way to connect with the outdoors. You’ll experience the full splendor of Big Sur, while still relishing all the amenities and services of a world-class resort. We’ve even put an elegant twist on one of the least-enjoyable aspects of outdoor living, with our brand-new glamping Bath House. It offers teak-enclosed showers, heated floors, full hotel amenities, marble vanities and gleaming restroom facilities. This isn’t camping — it’s glamping. And your site is ready and waiting.


In addition to the luxury linens and hot and cold running water, “glampsites” also include propane fire pits, campfire sites, daily housekeeping, and s’mores. The resort also offers daily wine and cheese tastings, yoga, and numerous other organized activities included in your stay.

It’s easy to see that luxury glamping is perfect for even the least outdoorsy travelers. Which of these glamping tents would you stay in? You are sure to find some amazing tents for glamping at any of our choices above. To explore the ins and outs of the glamping lifestyle in even more detail, read all about Glamping in Montana at The Ranch at Rock Creek.

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Glamping Tents You Have to See to Believe