A 48 Hour Trip to the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival brings together Hollywood elite with film enthusiasts each May. This festival is often considered the most important film festival of the year. Here directors, investors, and producers meet to share their work with each other and the world. If you’re ready to plan a fast trip to the Cannes Film Festival, read on for all the details you’ll need to know!

The Details

Details of A 48 Hour Trip to the Cannes Film Festival


The festival lasts from May 14-25 in 2019 but you can easily plan a 48 hour trip to the Cannes Film Festival if you are short on time. It is located in Cannes on the beautiful French Riveria. The town of 74,000 can swell up to over 200,000 during the festival. The first weekend is often the busiest so if crowds are not for you, plan accordingly. Also, realize that city transportation, as well as restaurants and hotels, are much more crowded than normal so factor extra time into your plans.

How to Get to Cannes


how to get to the Cannes Film Festival


Travelers from afar will fly into the Nice Cote d’Azur airport and from there take a taxi, bus, train, or helicopter to Cannes. The taxi is just 30 minutes ride and will cost under 100 euros. A bus from the airport to Cannes will take just under an hour and cost just 25 euros. European visitors will often arrive by train, and a fast taxi from the airport to train station can have travelers to Cannes for under 20 euros. Note that lines and crowds are typically less if you depart from Nice Riquier station, one stop earlier than Nice Ville. For the ultimate experience, up to three passengers can book a helicopter from the airport for the ultimate trip to the Cannes Film Festival for about 500 euros.

Where to Stay


Where to stay at the Cannes Film Festival


Without a doubt, the best hotel to stay at during your trip to the Cannes Film Festival is The Carlton. This legendary hotel has been a staple for Hollywood stars for decades.


In Cannes, one of the best-known cities in the world, is one of the world’s most mythical hotels. Since 1913, in the heart of the Bay of Cannes on the prestigious Boulevard de la Croisette, the InterContinental Carlton Cannes has demonstrated its savoir-faire in a tradition of matchless hospitality still carried on today by the men and women who are its inheritors. In the Mediterranean sunshine, at 58 Boulevard de la Croisette, immerse yourself in an elegant and refined atmosphere where the charm and tradition of yesteryear live on in harmony with the demands of modern life.


What to Do


What to do at the Cannes Film Festival


There are many things to enjoy in Cannes during the festival. Tickets can be difficult to obtain without direct film industry connections but even without a ticket, there is much to explore. The city offers free movie screenings nightly of past Cannes films at Plage Macé. This beach is located at 34 Boulevard de la Croisette, near The Carlton. Be sure to arrive early to reserve a spot on the sand! There are also film screenings at the Cannes Cinéphiles, with free tickets available daily at their tent on the Pantiero Promenade.

Celebrity Sightings


Celebrity Sightings at the Cannes Film Festival


With only 48 hours for your trip to the Cannes Film Festival, you won’t want to miss seeing your favorite stars. While the red carpet never disappoints, it can be hard to get a spot there. Grab a cocktail on the terrace of The Carlton early in the week to see famous guests arriving. Alternatively, the area behind the festival venue is a wonderful spot for seeing festival judges, actors, directors and producers arriving at the event. It is much easier to see your favorite stars here than other locations around the festival.

Surely a trip to the Cannes Film Festival is a must for cinema-loving travelers. For even more travel inspiration, explore Must-Have Global Memberships for Frequent Travelers.

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A 48 Hour Trip to the Cannes Film Festival