Our Favorite Things to Do in Ushuaia Argentina

Adventurous tourists know that Ushuaia, Argentina is a must-visit destination. This southernmost city in the world is the hopping off point to Tierra del Fuego National Park and Antartica. Ushuaia is a former penal colony that now attractions masses of tourists. If you’re looking to plan a trip to Ushuaia, here are our favorite things to do in this fascinating spot.

Sail the Beagle Channel


Sail the Beagle Channel in Ushuaia Argentina


Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin when you take a boat ride through the Beagle Channel.


Named after the HMS Beagle that between 1826 and 1830 surveyed the coasts of southern Patagonia on its first voyage in the region, the Beagle Channel is one of the few navigable passages in the area and Ushuaia remains the embarkation point for expeditions to Antarctica. –Australis Blog Patagonia


Bring your camera and keep your eyes peeled as you cruise past Isla de Lobos and Isla de Pájaros. Here it is common to have sightings of sea lions and various birds. You may also see dolphins and whales on your trip. Also worth looking for is the Faro Les Eclaireurs. This is the landmark historic red and white lighthouse which is still in use today.

Tierra del Fuego National Park


Tierra del Fuego National Park Southernmost City


The Tierra del Fuego National Park covers 63,000 hectares, spanning from the Beagle Channel to the Lago Kami at the southernmost tip of Patagonia. Only a small portion of the Tierra del Fuego National Park is open to the public. The vast majority of its jagged peaks and rough terrain are inaccessible. The parts that are accessible are well worth spending a day’s exploration, however.

Hikers will enjoy the 6-mile Hito XXIV trail along the northeastern shore of Lago Roca to the border of Chile. At the border, a small obelisk “Milestone 24” marks the edges of the two countries. For a shorter hike, the De La Isla trail takes visitors around the Cormoranes archipelago and skirts the shores of Lapataia Bay. This hike is known for its vast array of wild bird sightings. Don’t be surprised to see geese, steamer ducks, diving petrel, and even albatrosses! You can also take a ride on the End of the World train which navigates the route once used by prisoners when Ushuaia, Argentina was a penal colony.

Isla Martillo


Isla Martillo in Ushuaia Argentina


If there is a penguin fan in your travel party, Isla Martillo is the place for you! This island was once used for raising cattle and sheep. It is now inhabited by over 6000 Magellanic penguins and 16 pairs of Gentoo penguins. This is the only Gentoo penguins colony in Argentina.


This penguin colony, the only one reachable from Ushuaia, is growing gradually each year. Yécapasela is a great habitat for these penguins, as there are very few predators in the area, abundant food and the ground and vegetation provide adequate shelter for nests and chicks. Penguins start to arrive on the island early in October to start their annual breeding season, raise their chicks and molt their feathers. Around late March and first days of April, penguins leave to begin their usual migration northward, and will feed at sea for more than 6 months, until the winter is over and spring calls them again to breed on land. –Estancia Harberton


Visitors can take a catamaran tour of the island to see the birds from the sea. For a more intimate experience, stay overnight in Estancia Haberton and join a walking tour among the beautiful Magellanic penguin colony.

Cerro Castor Ski Resort


Cerro Castor Ski Resort in Ushuaia Argentina


The Cerro Castor Ski Resort has the longest ski season in all of Argentina, running from May to September. It is a ski resort in the southernmost city in the world.


Because it is the southernmost ski center on the planet, it has characteristics that make it unique and different. Skiing in Cerro Castor is to enjoy the best quality of snow, for the orientation of the mountain (southern slope) and its extreme location (parallel 54 ° similar to Moscow in the northern hemisphere).


It is easy to see that a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina offers up once in a lifetime experiences. Give the southernmost city in the world a try! For even more unique travel ideas, explore Bolivia: An Unexpected Luxury Travel Destination.

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Our Favorite Things to Do in Ushuaia Argentina