Fabulous Luxury Travel Bloggers

When you see the world, you want to see it in style.  The internet is a treasure-trove of travel recommendations, but how do you know which sources have the sophistication to satisfy your wanderlust?  To that end, we have compiled a small list of a few of our favorite luxury travel blogs.  Each site provides invaluable information for your next globe-trotting adventure.


Dr. Paul Johnson, founder of A Luxury Travel Blog, has the pedigree needed to be a respected voice in the travel blogosphere.  He is a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association and has traveled extensively for over 25 years.  Looking for a unique travel experience that does not including battling the crowds?  Peruse A Luxury Travel Blog’s recommendations for unique, lesser known travel locales. In addition to focusing on the finest travel destinations, the blog also provides insider information from the travel industry and recommendations for gear to make your jet setting even more enjoyable.

If you seek informed travel recommendations delivered in bite-sized stories, bookmark globorati now.  Both senior editors of globorati have impressive travel journalism resumes including backgrounds at Conde Nast Traveler and The New York Times.  Searching the globorati blog is intuitive and gratifying.  Search by continent,  by country, or by vacation style.  We recommend globorati as a fantastic starting point for your travel planning.

The supertravel website is useful for quick, reliable reviews of shopping and dining experiences once you are already on location. In addition to the site’s quick reviews, Supertravel’s superguides are a downloadable handbooks to major vacation destinations around the world.  The pdf guides contain maps, accommodation suggestions, suggested daily itineraries, and more.  Selected city guides are now available as smartphone apps so you can access the information at the touch of a screen.


The aim of The Cultureur is to transform the armchair tourist to a real-life traveler.  The Cultureur clues the traveler into ways to both enjoy a luxury traveling experience and immerse himself in local culture.  We love the 15 Foods You Must Try In… series which outlines the cultural culinary experiences that you must not miss in your travels.  The Debunked! series is another entertaining Cultureur feature that will disabuse you of popular false notions about traveling to specific locales.

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Fabulous Luxury Travel Bloggers