Whiskey Tasting: The 3 Most Luxurious in the World

It’s no secret that whiskey tasting can be quite the indulgent hobby. In fact, bottles of the finest whiskey can sell for over $150,000 a piece! With whiskey’s increasing popularity, distinguished tasters are constantly searching for more luxurious options. We are taking a look inside a luxurious whiskey experience. All that is left is for you to plan your trip to one of these whiskey tasting adventures, such as a whiskey experience in Las Vegas.

Universal Whiskey Tasting Experience


Universal Whiskey Experience Whiskey Tasting: The 3 Most Luxurious in the World
Photo Courtesy of The Ultimate Whisky Experience


Perhaps the most well-known luxury whiskey tasting is the Universal Whisky Experience hosted each year in Las Vegas.


The Universal Whisky Experience presents to you the Nth Show 2019, the world’s premier luxury whisky and spirits experience. Hosted at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, this master event showcases the best brands of both whiskies and spirits from all over the world. In the Nth Show 2019, we will be expanding our collection of unique whiskies to also include a collection of fine premium, ultra-premium and super-premium spirits. With a new spacious main tasting venue at the Wynn Hotel and new event design, you will find an experience to deliciously overwhelm your tasting senses. Indulge in exceptional whisky tasting opportunities, mingle with master distillers, blenders and mixologists and learn more about the whisky and spirits world in the most unique event of its kind.


Founder Mahesh Patel created the event as one for elite collectors like himself. In fact, he made history when buying the world’s first most expensive whiskey bottle, “The Dalmore Trinitas,” valued at $165,000 back in October 2010. The organization also hosts additional luxury whiskey events around the world throughout the year.

The Flat Iron Room Whiskey Tasting


The Flat Iron Room Whiskey Experience
Photo Courtesy of The Flat Iron Room


The Flat Iron Room is consistently named the best whiskey bar in the world. It also ranks among the best bars in the world in general. The bar is located in the heart of New York City’s Flat Iron district.


Our current list features over 1,000 varieties to choose from. Whether your preference is Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Japanese, Irish, Indian or Taiwanese…we have a whiskey to fit your palate. We have an extensive selection, and a staff that is fastidious about finding new offerings. As with any collection, it is always growing.


The Flat Iron Room offers a whiskey tasting and even classes for all levels. The Luxury Whiskeys class offers tastings and teachings on six high-end whiskeys hard to find elsewhere. The Flat Iron Room also offers a bottle keep service where patrons can purchase bottles of their own to be kept at the bar for their exclusive enjoyment.

Whiskey Stories

Whiskey Stories is a unique take on whiskey tasting. This crowd-funded favorite offers visitors an immersive, multisensory whiskey experience. Owner and founder Rachna Hukmani pairs hand-selected whiskey with gourmet chef-prepared food. She also offers additional entertainment for a truly one of a kind experience. She even offers blindfolded whiskey tastings entitled “Whiskey in the Dark!”


Apart from pairing each flight with a delicious food/flavor pairings to delight your senses, she also pairs the whiskies with an artists’ talent to give you a full sensorial experience (e.g.music, comedy, blindfolds and more). You will leave her events not only feeling knowledgeable about whiskey but also remember the unique stories that made these whiskies what they are today. You are sure to get something new and exciting each night since no two events are alike!


Whiskey Stories is a Michelin recommended experience that you won’t soon forget. Be sure to book ahead as these incredible sessions book up far in advance.

A whiskey tasting is an event to remember. Give a whiskey experience a try on your next vacation for memories that will last a lifetime! If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of whiskey, explore European Whiskey Tour: 4 Spirited Stops in Europe.

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Whiskey Tasting: The 3 Most Luxurious in the World