Velaa Private Island: The Vacation of a Lifetime

A Maldives vacation guarantees a dream getaway. Velaa Private Island has taken that luxury to a whole new level, however. This dream destination was designed to be a once in a lifetime getaway. Every detail of the island promises the ultimate in luxury. If you are dreaming of visiting the Maldives in style, or considering becoming a Velaa Private Island owner, here is everything you need to know about this luxurious destination.

The Concept


The Concept Velaa Private Island: The Vacation of a Lifetime
Photo Courtesy of Velaa Private Island


Velaa is owned by just one individual who dreamed of creating a boutique vacation destination to beat all others. This Velaa Private Island owner has not only brought his dream to life, but helps others realize their dream vacations as well.


There are many private islands in Maldives, but only very few of them are truly private, owned by one person. Velaa Private Island is such a case. The owner, Jiri Smejc, has spent countless weeks in Maldives both on holidays and while taking his business trips from Europe to Asia. The islands became his true passion: many of them being beautiful, but each of them coming short on some part of the visitor experience he valued. That’s why he decided to build the Velaa Private Island. An island meeting his ideas what a luxurious private resort should be. An island keeping a real privacy for its guests but at the same time versatile enough to provide number of first-class enjoyment opportunities.


The Villas at Velaa Private Island


The Villas Maldives Vacation
Photo Courtesy of Velaa Private Island


Velaa offers eight options when it comes to villas, with between one and four bedrooms. There are both over water and beach villas available. For large parties, the Private Residence has four bedrooms and can sleep up to ten guests. For honeymooners, the Romantic Pool Villa is often the villa of choice. A Maldives vacation will be amazing in any of these options. For both Velaa private island owners and guests, the options are luxurious.


Accessible only by boat, this ultra-private one-bedroom villa suspended above the lagoon with uninterrupted views of the ocean offers the utmost privacy and romance, making it perfect for honeymooners or those who are looking for ultra-luxury. All rooms open onto the terraces, where the Jacuzzi, pool, sundeck and sunken bath offer varying aspects towards the horizon. Dine inside or over the water in a dining gazebo on its own jetty at sunset, or enjoy sundowners on the sumptuous daybeds. The interiors are designed with natural materials and neutral colours with occasional ikat accents or animal prints. With a personal gym and spa treatment rooms inside the residence, there’s little reason to leave.




Dining Velaa Private Island: The Vacation of a Lifetime
Photo Courtesy of Velaa Private Island


The island has a variety of restaurant and bar options available. From a casual breakfast buffet to a sophisticated wine cellar, there is something for every taste. The distinctive Tavaru restaurant is the highlight of the dining options.


The amazing views over Velaa and the beautiful azure waters of the Indian Ocean are further intensified by Tavaru’s brand-new menu celebrating the Teppanyaki grill cuisine. Tavaru’s newly implemented lunchtime Bento Box concept pays tribute to the expertise of our chefs, with their mastery, craft and innovation for cultivating bold, creative sharing dishes in a modern light show-cased through their extraordinary skill on the Teppanyaki grill plate.


Activities on Velaa Private Island


Activities Maldives vacation
Photo Courtesy of Velaa Private Island

Finally, there are activities for your Maldives vacation for everyone here. Visiting families appreciate the kids’ clubs, while the spa ensures guests get the relaxation they deserve. The island has its own golf course that also offers lessons. Guests enjoy diving the surrounding reefs as well as a variety of water sports.

Fulfil your adrenaline fuelled fantasies and realise your dreams with our variety of high tech toys. Sail along the Velaa Private Island reef on our Weta trimaran or Topcat K1 catamaran. Experience the thrill of speeding across the water on our jet-ski, or feel like James bond exploring the house reef with the Sea Bob. Cruise and surf Velaa at your own pace aboard a stand-up paddleboard. Feel the sensation of flying with parasailing or kite surfing.

It is easy to see why Velaa Private Island is the ultimate Maldives vacation destination. For more private island inspiration, explore Belize Private Island Rental: Vacation in Luxury.

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Velaa Private Island: The Vacation of a Lifetime